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If you love babies but aren’t quite ready for one of your own, then this game is the perfect game for you. In Cyber Infants, you can raise your own virtual baby. You will do all of the things that are necessary to raise the baby, like feeding him/her, burping him/her, playing with him/her, changing him/her and watching the baby grow.

The baby behaves just like a real baby. It gets cranky and fussy, sleepy and hungry, and it has its needs. In order to take care of your virtual baby in this game, you will have to play games to earn points. With those points, you can buy things for your baby like food and toys. When the baby is unhappy, you can use these things to make the baby happy again.

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In this game, you adopt your own baby and nurture it as it grows older, just like a real baby. You can adopt as many babies as you want and give them the names you find suitable for them. Give them cute names like Annabelle, Maddie, Jacob, Emily, or Caden. To ensure that your babies are totally happy, keep them changed, fed, entertained, and burped.

You can also take your babies on walks. With each action you do for your baby, you will get “care points”, which are points that represent how much you care for your baby. Play games to earn extra points and coins. Once you save up enough coins, go the store and buy the supplies that your baby needs.

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Get the baby its favorite foods like applesauce and bananas or a fun place to play in like a Baby Gym. When your baby uses an item, you will get care points. Buy more items to get more care points. People with the most care points will appear on the Top Users board. By doing lots of things for your baby, you can get on the Top Users board too!

Your baby will go through different moods, just like a real baby. If the baby’s needs are met, then its mood will be happy. But if not then the baby will be cranky or cry. Figure out what is wrong with the baby and do what is needed to make the baby happy again.

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Once the need is met, the baby will go back to being happy again. To keep your baby ultra-happy, get it expensive items like the Toddler Wobbler and Bassett Baby. Your baby will be most happy when you have lots of care points, so be sure to get as many care points as possible. You can also adopt pets for your baby to play with.

You will take care of them just like you take care of the baby: buy it toys, feed them, and play them. You get care points for your pet too. To show your virtual baby and pet to your family and friends, copy the html code and paste it on your blog or webpage.

Cyber Infants is free to play.

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