Cupcake Corner

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Simulations.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run your own bakery?  Well if you have than Cupcake Corner is the perfect game for you.  In Cupcake Corner you get to make your own store and you get to make your own desserts!  After you have made your desserts you can sell them to your customers in your virtual store.

Not only do you get to take over your own store but you also get to create your character for the game.  Now most games allow you to pick your clothing, eye color, and hair color but in Cupcake Corner you get to pick any kind of character.  You can be a zombie, a vampire, and a variety of other characters.


You also get to pick what kind of hairstyles, clothing and features you would like to have.  If you have ever wanted to be a vampire with a crazy colorful hairstyle than this is your chance!  You not only get to customize your character but you get to customize your store too so that you can make it fit perfectly with your style.

After you have created your character you can start cooking goodies to sell.  You can make different types of cupcakes, brownies, and pies that will help you keep your customers coming back for more!  When you first open Cupcake Corner you have to make it into a store that people will want to come to and they will want to buy your food.


Keeping your virtual customers happy is what it is all about.  Different desserts have different recipes and they also require different amounts of time.  Some recipes might take longer because they make a bigger batch of food items and desserts.

This means that you can serve more customers with a single batch of desserts, which means that you can make more money!  As you have more satisfied customers that are willing to spend money at your store you can use that money to buy new stuff for your store.


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When you first get your store you only have three ovens and two different counters in the entire store.  As you earn more money you can customize your store and you can buy tables and chairs and more ovens which will allow you to serve more customers.  By changing the way your store looks you can keep the customers interested and keep them coming back.  The nicer that your store looks the more often the customers will come back.

By earning more money you can unlock a bunch of other cool options in the game.  You can even invite your friends to join in the fun and they can work for you in your Cupcake Corner shop.  By inviting your friends to join you can have more fun and it helps you and they earn tips and you can draw more customers to your shop.  If you have a passion for baking and want to try your hand at running a fun business than Cupcake Corner is a great game for you!

Cupcake Corner is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Simulations.

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