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Become a fashion icon in Covet Fashion. Shop, dress up, show off, and rate others in this world of high fashion and beauty. You are going to have to use every design skill that you have if you want to prove that you are the best. Continue to buy, design, and get rated until you have it all – and then continue to show off for all of time. Connect with other players to get help, make friends, or show off, or connect with your friends on Facebook to get them involved. There is always a new and exciting way to experience this game.

Covet Fashion is a fashion game, pure and simple. You are going to shop and put together outfits using the high fashion items available to you. All items are inspired by actual fashion brands, the types that you see at New York Fashion Week and on runways across the world. Brands, like Calvin Klein and Rachel Zoe, are real and have appearances that you would expect of them. If you follow fashion closely, and love every bit of it and the top brands, you will adore the availability here. You can find and wear all of the fashion brands that you know, showing off your style and choices along the way.


Well over 100 brands are available in the shops. When you want to buy some items to wear, you can go through the shop and find the ones that you prefer. All of them are readily available and give you the looks that you are after. They each look similar to the real life brands and clothing, too. Shop all you want, getting your shopping addiction out in one of the best ways possible.

Thousands of items come from these brands. You can wear any of them whenever you want, allowing you to choose your style and appearance. Go in whatever style direction that you prefer one day, and then change it up the next. The massive selection of clothing ensures that you always have some choices available to you.


Covet Fashion is not just clothes. You cannot expect the fashion to look good without the right hair and makeup to match. Choose both for your character, mixing and matching for every style that you wear. Thanks to this and the thousands of clothes and accessories, there are seemingly endless combinations for what you can do.

You are not dressing up just for your own amusement. Make it work for the style challenge and let other players rate you, and rate others while you are at it. If you receive a score of 4 or 5, the highest ratings, you will get a special prize along with bragging rights.


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By entering these style challenges you can win more items for your closet, pick up some in game cash and get that great feeling of having your style liked by other players. With more cash or exclusive items from victories you’ll be able to expand on the challenges you can enter to continue to expand your closet.

Fashion Houses and Facebook connect allow you to keep this social. Play alongside friends, new and old, and chat all about fashion. Get tips or help others to get better.

Covet Fashion is the perfect game for any fashion-obsessed people out there. All of the brands and styles you love are here, waiting for you.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Covet Fashion on YouTube.

Covet Fashion is free to play.

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