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Code Lyoko is a hugely popular show that originally aired in France, but made its way to American televisions in 2004. Its popularity allowed it to develop a strong and dedicated fan base, people who adore everything about the show. Since it is so popular, it is only natural that a game came out of it.

This social game on Facebook works much like many other social games, but with a few changes to have it fit into the universe that you love in the show. If you are a fan, this is something that you should get into immediately. If you never watched the show or do not like it, you may still enjoy the game, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

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Based off the show, the Code Lyoko social game throws you into the same world that you know and love. You are going to see the same characters and deal with the same problems. Fans are going to adore the detail that went into this game as well as everything that was brought in to make it feel like a real part of the show. If you never watched or do not like the show, however, it may be a bit confusing.

You are not fully introduced to the world, instead brought in as someone who already understands what is going on and what is needed of you. It can be a bit confusing at first, but it is still rather exciting. You are going to create your own character here. You are not going to play as one of the popular Code Lyoko protagonists, though they still exist and are there. You can alter everything about your character, from appearance to class.

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You have the chance to create the type of fighter that you want to be before jumping into this massive and wonderful world. With the options available, it is not that difficult to make the character fit you or your favorite character from the show. Once you jump in, it is time to explore.

These are five character classes you can pick in the game each with their own stats. You can buy a second class for 15-20 Lyoko Points (but this amount goes up for each new class) or earn the other classes by playing through the game much later on. Each character class starts on their own journey in Forest sector so you must guide each of them from start to finish for all battles and most missions. Equipment earned by one is usually shareable between other classes and certain mission items can be won on both sides if that mission is unlocked for both.

You are going to complete missions, ride vehicles, and pick up equipment and powers that you could have only dreamt of obtaining before. There is a lot for you to do in Code Lyoko, which is what makes it so great for every person. Get what you love and explore or battle your way.

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When trying to take down X.A.N.A., you will have no problem getting started and getting into this. You can fight the monsters and make your way around the game easily. The monsters and exploration in Code Lyoko are quite grand. There are several types of monsters for you to battle as well as a rather large world in front of you. This game goes on for quite a while, keeping you interested and excited every step of the way.

Fans of the show will see this as one of the best expansions to the universe that you could ever imagine. Even people who know nothing about the show will adore everything here. As long as you can manage the energy and other basic social features that are in a majority of Facebook games, you can have fun.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Code Lyoko on YouTube.

Code Lyoko is free to play.

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