City You

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Cute avatars and wearing items.

Cool items can only be purchased with real money.


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Thai, English

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Chat Worlds.

City You Virtual World Community – Facebook’s Newest Rage!

What Is City You Virtual World Community?

Where else could you possibly find the most popular games than on Facebook! Well, City You Virtual World Community has joined the huge family of games offered on Facebook. Adding to that, this is the first MMORPG game that actually features Real-Time Online and Virtual World Network! You can enter into the world of City You Virtual World Community and meet, chat, hangout and play with so many people!

Watch movies, own pets, get married, buy homes or start a business — this is the most flexible game to date!

You will enjoy endless hours of fun filled activities and have way too much fun along the way!

City You13

About City You

City You Virtual World is developed by PSG Ventures, incorporating a brand new way for so many activities, gaming options and  great fun within the virtual world of MMO community environment. The platform is designed to to create additional modules for plug-in mini-games, core games, party segments and events which keep getting added on to,  depending on the level of difficulty and the added challenges for you.

Once you level up and complete various tasks, you will gain excellent rewards. You will be offered various exclusive items within these on going levels.

PSG Ventures is constantly developing platforms for City You to add more socializing levels. They are working to make this game more engaging with  more features and amazing content! PSG Ventures will continue to strive to insure this game excels beyond all other games out there!

City You2

PSG Ventures refers to City You as “Gamunity”, where the game meets “real-time” interaction. This takes full stream social virtual world to a whole new step!

The MMORPG game has taken the world by storm, worldwide, for almost 5 months in the English language format.

Though free to play, this game differentiates itself with appearances of characters and items they wear. They also provide a wide range of balances with competition between players.

The Concept

You can buy homes, get jobs, get married, join companies, own pets, watch movies, vacation, join clubs, garden and the list goes on and on!

City You7

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Locations Within the Game

Why not travel the world and see the most amazing places on earth! Visit China Town, Thai Ancient Temple, Hollywood, St Valentine Church, Akihabara Tokyo Market and many other thrilling locals.

You will reel with the full range of fashion clothing, home decorations and magnificent items for trading and worlds to visit and discover!


If you love social games, this game will knock you off your feet!  Come join the fun — create your exclusive avatar and become City You Virtual World Community’s new neighbor! You will be welcomed by other players, while starting a journey that will go on and on. There will be no boring moments within this wonderful world of City You Virtual World Community, just hours of fun!

You are going to fall in love!

City You is free to play.

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Chat Worlds.

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