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An awesome city building game created for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. City Story Metro has even been optimized for an iPhone 5. City Story Metro is free to play but it does have to have the internet in order to be played.

Would you like to be a mayor of your own city? Would you to design and create your very own city and share it with friends and family? Would you like to meet and make new friends? Then City Story Metro is the game for you!

While being the acting mayor of your very own city you will be able to create neighbourhoods that are kid friendly and beautiful; as well as designing your own business district that includes factories and shops that will help you earn money and goods that you can use to purchase homes, businesses, and factories as well as decorations for your city.

City Story 1

You will need to build homes, mansions, and beachfront condos for the families in your city. The more you build the bigger the population. There are many businesses for you to build in your new city such as movie theaters, burger joints, bowling alleys and more!

What is so cool about this game is as you build it you will begin to see people walking around your city streets and cars going up and down the streets. The streets will light up at night when the sun goes down and the city will come to life when the sun comes up.

Do not forget to add little touches such as parks, shrubs, flowers, trees, and sports stadiums.

City Story 2

As time goes on and you level up you will be able to expand your city to the coast and have more room for lakes and rivers! The bigger your city is the more space for homes and businesses.

Do you like the 7 wonders of the world? Well look no further, you can build them on here for your city! Do you like the Statue of Liberty? You can build her for your city!

Run out of decorating ideas? Let’s take a trip to a neighbouring city and get some ideas! You can visit others and check out the way he or she has decorated their city and get some pointers!

City Story 4

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Do not forget to invite friends and family to play City Story Metro with you. They can visit your city to help you level up and gain experience.

Do not forget to watch out for and read the weekly updates that are offered because the content will help you make your city even better than before!

Remember you can change your city and decorations as you earn money from your local businesses. You can move the houses in order to create a small neighborhood or create a business district for the factories and a shopping district for your shops.

The people of City Story Metro are awaiting the arrival of their new mayor. Are you ready to run, create, and decorate your very own city?

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: City Story Metro on YouTube.

City Story Metro is free to play.

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