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Built for kids and fun for all ages, Chotopia has endless entertainment. Games, quests, customization, and socialization, you can do it all here. Its target audience is young kids, making it fit for any audience. You do not have to worry about foul language or explicit content, allowing you to play in peace. Everything here is friendly and approachable, and great for everyone. Whether you want to play alongside friends or you want to get competitive, or you just want to hang out at the café and chat, you can do it. There is nothing stopping you from enjoying the game the way you want.

In the world of Chotopia, you are going to have your own Chobot. This is your character, what you will use when walking, talking, and playing games. It is unique to you, even if everyone’s base character looks the same. This is because there are nearly endless ways to customize. With thousands of items available, you can get as many different styles and looks as you want. Fill up your closet with every item imaginable, getting a new outfit for every day. Personalization here is entirely up to you, and you alone, to decide and build.

Personalization extends beyond the clothes and accessories. While you will love the clothes, wings, backgrounds, and other items available, you will also love the homes and decoration. You can get your own home and you can decorate it any way you would like. Buy any of the decorations that you want, put them up, and change them when you get bored. You can continue to buy whatever you want as long as you have the money for it. That money, of course, is where you are going to have a problem, at first. Luckily, earning in game currency is easy and a lot of fun.

The in game currency is Bugs. Earning Bugs through games will allow you to buy whatever you want. You can also do trivia and quests, of which there are plenty. You have a lot of options here for having fun and earning Bugs, no matter what you like. Do this alone or with friends, and gain all of the rewards. You can start buying everything you want through this.

When you have a ton of Bugs, you’re ready to go shopping! The Shop carries clothes and accessories, the Home Shop is where you can buy furniture or upgrade your home, and the Magic Shop is where you can buy hoverboards and jetpacks, animated backgrounds and balloons. The Eco Shop is where you can buy food, toys and construct your own pet. Some items with the turquoise badge on them are exclusive for paying members, but there’s still a lot of items available for free players.

As far as playing with friends, that is where this game truly shines. As a social game for kids, it does a lot to exceed expectations. You have a full chat system, including private chat, to allow you to make friends and enjoy yourself. It remains safe and secure for children, of course, with no worries due to age or content.

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There is a Premium count option, but Chotopia is free to play. You get access to everything without having to pay a single thing, except for a few member-only features and options. These do not change gameplay, however, and you can continue enjoying the game regardless.

Whatever your age, Chotopia is for you. Chat, make friends, play games, earn Bugs, customize, and more in this massive and wonderful world.

Chotopia is free to play.

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