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Chicaloca Fashion Game is a girl game based around the story and material of the real name brand Chicaloca which is selling in 15+ countries! In this game you will be given the chance to dress your models in beautiful Chicaloca brand clothing so that they can participate in cool fashion shows.

If you love Chicaloca clothing and even if you never heard of it and you really love fashion you are going to love this game. There is so much fun and excitement to be had in this great fashion game.

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What is great about the game is that new items are added to the game on a weekly basis, so there are many opportunities to change up outfits and make the models look their best. You have the opportunity to choose the best outfits for your models and you can even vote on your friend’s models as well. Your model will start out with a bikini on and it is your job to make her look A+!

Visit the mall to buy great new signature looks and accessories. If you know fashion then you know it takes a lot of creativity to build a great and special looks. You can choose from many different items to dress your model: Blouses, dress, shoes, glasses, belts, bottoms, earrings, purses, and much more.

Chicaloca 1

You are going to have a blast dressing your family and making them look great. What is also nice about the game is that you can earn real coupons that you can use to purchase actual Chicaloca items at one of their stores.

This is truly a unique game. If you are looking to have fun and create new looks then you won’t want to miss out on the fun with Chicaloca Fashion Game. The Mall feature has everything you need to make the best looks. This is one of the best design games online. You will have a ball creating looks and putting your looks in great fashion shows.

Chicaloca 3

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Do you think you have what it takes? Are your fashion skills exciting? This is a game for you. Tell your friends about the amazing looks you have come up with and have them join in on the fun as well. They will see that Chicaloca Fashion Game is just what its namesake says: A world of design. The styles in the mall will have you wanting to try on every design, and if that isn’t enough just keep logging back on and earning money so you can buy out new looks every week!

What’s not to love about that? Chicaloca is an amazing clothing line that is sold all over the world and you can be just like the designers as you design your very own models to portray their stylish looks. There is no limit to the countless amount of fun you can have in this game so jump on board and get ready to have a wild day of fun!

Chicaloca Fashion Game is free to play.

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