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Charm Farm brings about a new type of farming game. You have many of the core concepts that you expect, but with some magical elements and a fuller story that you normally do not see in these games. Compared to similar games, it feels like more of a game. It has everything you want along with more than you normally expect. It is entertainment for everyone. You can build your farm, you have challenges and restrictions, and you have things to keep it addictive. It feels new and fresh, something that you normally do not get with these types of games. It takes farming games in a new direction.

The background to Charm Farm is that there was once a peaceful forest. In this forest lived many creatures, and overseeing them all was a fairy. That fairy aimed to keep everything safe and pleasant. She did her job well, but a dark day approached.


A sorcerer entered the forest, bringing destruction and mayhem. Peace, along with many of the creatures, disappeared. It became a dangerous place to live. The fairy tasked with overlooking everything wanted to take back the forest, however, and needed help to do so. She reached out to you in hopes that you would assist in making a better farm and better home.

The fairy’s name is Kaya. She wants to keep everything peaceful, and has to rebuild to do this. You are going to help her. You rebuild by having the Shmoos do the work that you give to them. When you want to build or plant or harvest, you give them a task. This is quite different from what you normally have. Instead of relying wholly on your efforts, you will give tasks to these little creatures. Since you rely on them to do the tasks, you are restricted by how many you have. The more you have, the more work you can do.


You can use what you collect. One option is to make products with them, which can be of use to you. If you have nothing that you want to make, you can always sell what you collect. This gives you everything your Shmoos will need to survive and to grow. Do make sure that you balance it all, of course, so that you have the money and the products that you need to grow.

To do all of these tasks, you need mana. Mana is similar to energy in other games. Charm Farm requires mana to do even the most basic of tasks. Since you require mana to do tasks, you will have to wait to complete more tasks once you run out.

Another resource that you can use in Charm Farm is the Ruby. Rubies are used to speed up harvesting, construction, and production of certain raw materials. A certain amount of Rubies are rewarded to you when you level up.


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Like other games, Charm Farm does have two types of currency. You have the in-game currency that you earn by selling what you harvest as well as the premium currency that you buy with real money. You can use both to buy what you need and want.

Everything about Charm Farm is easy to get into and enjoy. No matter your experience with these games, it is a great title to jump into and play.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Charm Farm on YouTube.

Charm Farm is free to play.

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