Celebrity Darling

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You can get daily reward or gifts when you login daily.

There are missions that will require you to buy an outfit with either your in-game salary which requires weeks of auditions to get the Darling Coins needed or you can purchase it with real money.


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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Flirting Games.

Your story in Celebrity Darling begins with you working in a shop that is forced to close, leaving you out of work. On your journey home, you meet someone that you quickly recognize as being a member of a famous rock band in Japan. You also remember seeing him perform at a big live show in Japan, but the encounter does little to take away your frustration with the way your life is headed.

The encounter with the rock star brings back memories of your dreams you had when you were just a kid. With encouragement from your brother, you decide to take one last shot at becoming the idol you always dreamed of. You then go on several auditions, which don’t go very well. Just when all hope seems lost, you are approached by an agent who see’s something special in you, and who wants to make you a big star.

Once you reach the agency, you get to meet all of the big stars that the agent looks after. The excitement of meeting singers and actors makes it hard for you to decide which path to follow, but your manager, Mr. Macha, needs you to decide whether you want to be a singer, an actress, or an idol. It is here that your journey truly begins.


Game Play:

Love Passes: You receive 5 Love Passes per day, which are then used to continue your romantic story with your partner.

Strength: You are given 100 strength in order to complete an audition, although it usually only takes about 25. If you play during Lucky 24 Hours, it will cost about 30 strength units to do the audition. You will regain 1 strength unit every 3 minutes.

Audition: Winning the audition will increase your number of fans, which in turn will let you continue the story. You need a lot of charm to win the audition, which you can do on your own or with the help of a mate. Your fans and salary will increase if you win.

Fans: These are necessary to keep the story moving.

Charm: You will sometimes need to take a trip to the beauty shop in order to get clothes, shoes and other accessories that can increase your charm. Interiors are another way to increase your charm levels, and those can be picked up at the interiors shop using either salary or coins. You can also get interiors by playing furniture gacha or getting them as an event gift. The more you style yourself and your room, the more charming you can become.


Mission: Your story will often be interrupted, but in a good way, with missions given to you to complete. Successful completion of missions can mean more fans or clothes. There are also missions that give you a choice of POV routes.

Mates: A mate is an essential part of the game, as they can help you with Auditions that will increase charm for you both. This makes it easier to win the auditions you enter.

Gacha Point: There are a number of different ways to get Gacha Points: auditions, greeting mates, and getting a gift from an event are just a few.

Furniture Gacha: This is a great way to increase your status. There are 3 different categories (Premium, Rare, and Normal), with different lists and items available for each. The outcome of this gacha is based solely on luck.

Status: This increases with the completion of gacha items.

Salary: This is the currency used in the game.

Coins: These can be purchased using real money, and can then be used to increase love, strength, etc.


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Special Features:

  • Daily gifts just for logging in.
  • Decorate your room just right and the celebrity might come and pay a visit.
  • Renovate the floors and walls in your room.
  • You can choose to play his POV route, just so you can find out what he thinks.

Celebrity Darling gives you the opportunity to live the fast life of the entertainment industry. You get to choose the career path you want to follow, which can change direction based on the choices that you make throughout the game. There are multiple different endings in the game, which means you can play it over and over to achieve different results. This is one game where you are in complete control of your own destiny.

Celebrity Darling is free to play. When you’ve exhausted your Love Passes for the day and want to try other alternatives to pass out the time, then go to our list of Flirting Games.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Flirting Games.

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