Castaway Paradise

8.6Overall Score

Lots of activities to keep you busy | Tons of outfits and furnitures to choose from

Unresponsive controls | Development is slow

PC, Mac, iOS, Android

Free to Play (Facebook, iOS, Android) and $14.99 (Steam)


A mix of Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, Castaway Paradise is stunning on every level. It gives you more than just the basics, creating an island that you will love and want to continue exploring. A lot of it is similar to what you do in Animal Crossing, with a few additions and changes to make a unique experience. There are even talking animals inhabiting your little island, and you can befriend them all. Charming and loveable, this game will capture your imagination and heart from the moment you begin playing. You will never want to leave your little island or stop playing.

Upon entering this world, you will see a lovely island with some cute graphics and even cuter residents. First impressions do not get much better than this. While the graphics are not top of the line, certainly not at AAA title level, they are wonderful. They will remind you heavily of Animal Crossing, though it is not exactly the same. Another thing that will remind you of Animal Crossing is the residents – all of them are animals. Adorable animal residents fill up this island and make for a lively, captivating life that anyone would want to see and explore.


Castaway Paradise begins after a storm has devastated the place. Your goal is to decorate the place and make it look better. You can achieve this by using the many items available to you. Theme packs and other items will help you to give the island some personality, making it fit you. Choose how it looks and have power over the entire design. You can create the perfect island paradise of your dreams, whatever that may be.

Decorating your island is only part of the fun – a small part. Interacting with the world and residents is where the true entertainment comes into play. Go on quests, catch bugs and fish, and grow crops. Again, a lot of this will feel like Animal Crossing, but with features, gameplay, and designs that keep it unique. Growing crops is a different kind of activity, and one you will want to do. Have the necessary crops, take care of them, and beautify the place. It is easy and so beneficial.


Beautification does not stop with the island. Customize your character’s outfit to make it perfectly you. Go with your style or choose something interesting and different. You can add a little of your personality into your own character.

Fishing, shell collecting, and bug catching are the most interactive parts of the game. Everything you collect is compared to other players online. Size and beauty are two traits used to rank you among other fishermen, collectors, and bug enthusiasts. This is a cool feature that adds a sense of community and competition to a single-player full self-driven game.


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Events and holidays are important in Castaway Paradise. You can celebrate different events and holidays when you play, with things going on for all holidays. The environment even changes to the time of the year, giving you an engaging experience no matter when you play or for how long you play.

Fall in love with the characters, appearance, and activities in Castaway Paradise. So many already have and continue to, and there is a good reason for that. It stands on its own while borrowing popular features from other games, giving you what you want in a new and wonderful package.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Castaway Paradise on YouTube.

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