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Capsa is a new and stunning social virtual world. You can go there to chat, hang out, and explore the many amazing destination in this game. It is the social game you have always wanted, and it gives you the chance to create the social life you have always wanted.

There is a lot going right with Capsa. The most apparent is the appearance, an integral part of any game but especially social games. When you have beautiful graphics, you have a world you want to engage in. You have a world you want to explore and see, and that you want to stay in. This gives you full immersion, and this game has that.

When you start, you are going to create your own character. This is a basic part of social games, something you have come to expect, but the features and detail here are extraordinary. You can customize just about everything, down to the shape of the face. This gives you the chance to make the avatar look like you, a celebrity, or however you want to look in the moment.

Everything about your character becomes unique. This is not new nor is it unique to Capsa, but it is something you appreciate. You do not have to worry about a tiny selection forcing you to look a way you do not want to look, a reality for many social games. You can look your way.

You can also make your own home. This is another popular part of a lot of social games. It has become somewhat expected of social games to have this, even, and there is nothing missing here. Personalize your own home, choosing the décor and overall look. You can enjoy this home on your own or invite friends to come hang out. Host events and get everyone involved.

There is more to the world than just your home, obviously. There are numerous stunning destinations to visit in this game. All of them offer the high quality graphics that you expect these days, with engaging and immersive designs that keep you wanting to come back.

A great part about this world is that it is all connected. There are no loading screens or separations. You can go from one place to the next easily, without any type of barrier standing in the way.

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Obviously, the main appeal is the socialization feature. When you go to a social game, you want to chat and make friends, or chat with your current friends. Do that with ease here thanks to how many people there are. Chat with people, use emotes, go to the in-game theater and dance clubs, and do so much in this little world.

Host your own server, too, if you want something just for you and your friends. You can keep it private and be the host, bringing in all of your friends to party and hang out.

Capsa goes beyond what you could imagine. It is a beautiful, immersive social game that will give you the world that you have always wanted.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Capsa on YouTube.

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