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A fun and interesting visual novel, C-14 Dating takes a lot of the visual novel aspects you love and adds a little more to it. You have the art and music, the story and romance, and the multiple options, of course, but it does not stop there. This game gives you mini games and unique characters, making it stand out from other titles. It is what you want out of this genre, and it helps to liven things up a little. If you want a visual novel, and something that is a somewhat new take on the genre, this is where you go.

The game is divided into 8 weeks. Gameplay is a combination of stats raising, mini games, and scenes.

As far as the story goes, C-14 Dating is your average dating sim and visual novel. You play as Melissa, a foreign exchange student in Belgium. You are going to have potential dates in 4 boys, all of whom you can chat with and, if things progress, kiss. While you are there as part of your archaeology major, that romance will take over your life somewhat. You will want to chat more with them, building those relationships and unlocking more story routes and endings.

These are not the only characters, however. You have quite a few characters popping up throughout the story. Each one adds something new to the experience, something new to your gameplay. While they are not as important as Melissa and the boys, they help to make the story feel richer and fuller.

Part of this is because of how unique and complete the characters are. You do not have one dimensional or boring characters here, not in the least. You have a cast of full, enjoyable characters available to you. Each one makes you more interested in the story as a whole, and each one feels like a complete part of the gaming experience. The characters are a major part in why this game stands out. They are not like most other visual novel characters.

Another reason this game stands out is the mini games. The archaeology mini games, which are completely optional, give you something extra to do. If you want to play around with Melissa’s major, and have a bit of fun in the process, you can pick up one of these mini games. Small and simple, they are an addictive part of the game. No matter how many times you play, even if you are trying to unlock everything, you will find yourself coming back to these mini games.

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The art and music complete the feeling. They create the perfect atmosphere, liven up the characters, and liven up the setting. They make you more interested and engaged, and they make every part of the game that much more lovely. It is the manga style artwork that you have come to expect from this genre.

Make Melissa’s internship abroad one to remember in C-14 Dating. Whether you focus on school and mini games or romance and love, you will have an unbelievable experience. It is a refreshing and new visual novel for everyone.

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