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Race your little heart out in Bunny Race. You are going to have your own bunny that you can use to win races and compete against others. Try to improve him or her until you are able to dominate in every race that you join. As you improve, you will be able to do more within the game.

It is not all about racing, though. While that is the main part of the game, there is also farming and breeding. You are going to farm foods to strengthen your little bunnies and you are going to breed more bunnies for racing. There is a lot of strategy and thought that has to go into this game if you want to succeed.

Bunny Race2

Before you can begin with Bunny Race, you have to create your own bunny. There are numerous types and colors available along with a choice between male and female. When you like the appearance of the one that you chose, decide what gender you want it to be and then jump into the game. When you start, you are going to need to get used to a few things. Look around, play with the tools, see what there is to do, and enjoy the basics before getting started.

One thing that you must understand is farming. You are going to be farming food for your bunnies so knowing how to do this is imperative. The food that you are preparing needs to be good and healthy for your bunny.

Bunny Race10

As you grow this food, remember to go back to grow more on a regular basis. You need to make sure that you have enough for all of your bunnies if you plan to keep them in top shape. This is easy to do and everything is rather straightforward. You will be able to understand this with ease and begin farming immediately.

The food is not all for one bunny, of course. You are going to have a pen full of little bunnies that are ready to race and have some fun. In order to increase the number of bunnies, you need to make them breed. This means that they will be creating more and more for as long as you need them to.

Bunny Race11

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As your numbers increase, you may find that you become a more capable racer. Of course, you still need to improve your bunnies’ abilities in order to beat your competitors in races.

Your competitors are the other players. This is a connected game where you can make friends and beat the competition down. Prove to them that you are better by beating them in races. If you feel that you cannot, then try to improve your skills a bit beforehand. You will be able to breed more bunnies, increase their skills, and show the world that you are the best racer in Bunny Race. To see if you really are, check the leader board often and keep track of your ranking. Continue to breed and win if you want to climb your way to the top.

Bunny Race is free to play.

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