Blackwood & Bell Mysteries

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Hard to find objects with game's darker colors.


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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Hidden Object Games.

If you love trying to find hidden objects and like solving mysteries while you do it than Blackwood & Bell Mysteries is a great game for you to play!  In this hidden object game there are two detectives James Blackwood a mild-mannered and well-spoken man from Britain and a smart mouthed American Catherine Bell.  Together they must find an opera singer that has been kidnapped all while figuring out a mystery that involves murder and intrigue.

Many young adults and teens like you that have played Disney Playdom’s other hidden object games like Gardens of Time will love Blackwood & Bell Mysteries.  This game lets you advance through the mystery by finding objects that are on your lists.  By unlocking and exploring different crime scenes you collect a list of items as quickly as you possibly can.

Blackwood & Bell-5

In each crime scene you want to click on the hidden objects that are on your list literally as fast as you can so that you can earn points in order to advance to the next crime scene.  If you click on several items seconds apart then you get score multipliers which means you can advance to new crime scenes even faster!  You also get more money the better you do.

Now you might be wondering why do I need money in a hidden object game.  Well in this hidden object game you need money in order to progress in the game and to also enhance your reputation as a detective.  With the money you’ve earned by finding objects you can arrange your evidence in your yard.

Blackwood & Bell 12

Your yard itself needs to be spruced up a bit and in much better order than others that you’ve collected evidence from.  This means that you buy buildings, scenery, and foliage for your yard.  As you play different crime scenes over and over in order to collect different pieces of evidence you can trade in those pieces of evidence to get new things to add to your yard.

Blackwood & Bell Mysteries is not only a great hidden object game but it is also a great story that will capture your attention and you will not want to stop playing until you find out who done it!

Blackwood & Bell 4

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This game is not only fun to play but it also looks great while you play it.  The games’ graphics are way better compared to the Gardens of Time.  In this game there is more animation, richer colors that contrast the games’ dark theme and the crime scenes themselves are much larger.  This makes it harder for you to find your evidence which in turn makes the game harder and better to play.

If you love playing hidden object games that have a good story to them than this game could be a great choice for you!  With better graphics and larger crime scenes it makes the game more challenging and great fun.  Although the story line may not be as dark as Gardens of Time it is still a good story line that will keep you guessing and coming back to find more evidence and clues!

Blackwood & Bell Mysteries is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Hidden Object Games.

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