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Big Pharma gives you everything you need to build your own pharmaceutical business from the ground up. You will start with very little, specializing in basic generic medications, but will develop your brand and products into top of the line drugs. These will help people to survive and become healthier, and you can make a nice amount while you are at it. There is a lot of money to make here with your own medication. You are going to have an easy way to bring in cash, so long as you know what you are doing. Strategy and thought are important here, and you should put time into both.


Start small with your business. Used machinery and generic medications will get you started in this industry, though you can personalize it a bit from the beginning. You will have to work with the limited supplies, equipment, and budget available to you during this time, and you will have to find a way to grow. This is not that hard to manage, but it does take a bit of effort. Continue to find what will work for your pharmaceutical business as you grow. You can become an immensely popular business in the industry.

The medication you start out making is simple. You will begin making generic products, ointments, and other basic medications that you can find just about anywhere. There is nothing special about the products that you make in the beginning of Big Pharma. As you progress and improve, the medication will, too. You will no longer make these basic products; instead, you will make the newest and greatest. You will find new active ingredients, make life-saving medications, and help to lead the way in the pharmaceutical industry. It is not going to be smooth sailing once you get up there, though.


Doing well with your drugs is not an easy journey. To sell and succeed, you will have to manage the challenges ahead of you. One of the biggest is your competitors. Competitors will try to knock you out of the market, taking your customers and gaining control. Protect yourself against the constant attacks and strategies set by these competitors and push your way to success.

Market changes, too, can disrupt business. Over time, the needs of the market will change. You will have to keep up with this if you are to continue profiting, growing, and succeeding. Meet the market’s demands and needs all year to keep them interested in what you have to offer. Look up what they need and focus your efforts on that.


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Game play wise Big Pharma is pretty simple and intuitive. Right clicks delete machinery and conveyor belts, you can click and drag to connect machines and everything can be found in an easy to navigate side menu. The sheer complexity of the different elements of the game can take a while to learn but the challenge is fun rather than frustrating.

Challenges, modes, mods, and depth make Big Pharma a stand out game. You are not just making a medication here, nor are you just making a business. You are dealing with logistics and growth, you are learning the needs of the market, and you are constantly managing the problems that appear. You are going to have to take an active, invested role if your pharmaceutical company is to become the best that there is.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Big Pharma on YouTube.

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