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BeanVR is the first virtual reality social networking app in China, and aims to advance many areas of virtual reality and socializing alike. Like Facebook, BeanVR is a social online community that assists people in remaining connected with each other, but with a different experience. It provides a highly customizable profile, various types of themed rooms, and many activities, all in a 3D world.

In addition to customizing the user profile to make it your own, you will be able to enjoy different environments, such as chat rooms, cinema or studio settings, to name a few. In addition to experiencing these things, you get to hang out with friends and see the same things, so it is like being right beside your best friend and experiencing the event, without having to be physically with them. So, your friend across the country can now hang out with you at the movies, or at the club!

This means you will be able to invite your friends to join you in the virtual reality, or just hang out and meet new people from all over the world. All you need is a compatible VR headset and you will be on your way to experiencing an all new environment.

Of course, BeanVR also aims to bring more than just interesting looking environments to their user base, people and friends will have various activities they can choose to do as well. For example, give friends items, have a cute pet to care for, games to play, live streams to interact with and it can even be used for educational purposes. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Bean VR.

With BeanVR you are able to choose if you want to experience something on your own, with friends, or a group of friends. You can also become a creator, creating various things within the virtual reality and sharing it with friends, or just keeping it private. Again, BeanVR is bringing people a new way of interacting within the VR world.

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However, because it is the first virtual reality social app, it may have glitches that will be worked out over time. This just means users will be able to grow with the creation of BeanVR. With advancing technology, there is no telling what else the developers of Bean VR, and you the individual users and creators within the VR app, will be able to think of and make happen! Prepare your imagination, gear up your skills and developing/creating abilities and join the BeanVR community today.

BeanVR is free to play.

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