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If you have high-tolerance for bawling babies, then you wouldn’t mind working as a babysitter, right? Both parents nowadays are always busy making ends meet and they are left with no choice but find a place where they can leave their child while they are at work.  So are you fit to care for their tiny bundle of joy? Well there is only one way to find out!

To start off, your role in this game is a kindergarten worker and the babies will be entrusted to your care until their parents will come back to pick them up. This is somehow similar to the other popular flash game called The Waitress since you scroll this game horizontally. If you are not familiar with it, then just play this game and you will know how it works.

Babysitting 3

When you see a blinking “In” display at the bottom of the screen, it tells you that a baby has arrived. Pick up the baby from the stroller and lay him or her in a cradle.

After a few seconds, the baby will start crying and you will see a bubble above its head indicating that the baby needs something. You pick them up again and bring them to a room to meet four of their demands.

If they are asking to be fed, then you prepare the milk. If they are wet, then it’s time to change their diaper. The babies also cry when they are restless and bored, so you have to play with them and distract them with a rattle. And the last one is give them a proper bath to freshen them up.

Babysitting 4

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Alas! When you see the blinking “Out” indicator, it means the baby is ready to go home.

So that’s it! Pamper the babies and earn maximum score. Give them what they need and don’t leave them unattended or else it’s going to be the end of your career. Are we clear? Off you go.

And one more thing, if you like this type of game, then you would surely love Baby Boom.

Babysitting is free to play.

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