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A story that is commonly told to children about where babies come from is that they are brought by storks. Baby Blimp revolves around that cute children’s tale. It is a time management game in which you have to finish a task as quickly as possible. It puts a whole new spin on the myth of storks delivering babies.

You play as the Chief Stork who is in charge of the Baby Blimp. At the start of the game you pull the lever on the slot machine and select the right gender, an important step. Then, a baby will be created and will slide out of the assembly line. If the baby tries to stand, you’ll have to catch the baby. The baby will then seek a toy and bottle which should be ready.

Baby Blimp-12

When the baby spits up, you’ll have to clean him up and throw away the napkin. Some babies will want a bath, and others will want to nap. Once you have done everything for the baby, you will have to launch him off into the machine to be sent to his new parents. Make sure to press the button in time to send him away.

As you can see, you have a lot of tasks to accomplish in this game. You will have to finish them all in a timely manner. You have to be quick enough to tend to each baby so they will all be happy and ready to be launched off. If you fall behind and leave lots of babies unhappy, then you will lose the game.

Baby Blimp-4

As you progress in the game you will unlock twins and other multiples that don’t have any needs to fill.  Once the babies are launched, a stork must deliver them to their new parent’s house. It’s important to deliver the correct gender baby to the right house or you won’t get any points.

The storks can only carry one baby at a time but you can get both strength and speed updates to make your stork carry more babies and move faster. You’ll also have to deliver the babies on time, or else the parents won’t be happy.

Baby Blimp-3

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Your storks will also have to face weather challenges light lightning storms. Make sure to dress your stork to protect against this weather. And you will also have to deal with mean neighbors who will throw things at your storks. After you finish a round, you will get a new trophy and see your score.

If you didn’t make any mistakes and did special combos then you will get a trophy. This game is definitely a fun and addicting game. You will find yourself more engaged in the gameplay as you move further on in the game. It gets more exciting once you get different power ups and more features. If you love babies or not, you will definitely have some good times playing this game. It is different from other games with its baby theme, and stays challenging until the end.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Baby Blimp on YouTube.

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