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Concept is similar to making a Mii on the Wii.


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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Avatar Creators.

If you have always wanted to create avatars that look like your friends or family members, then Avatar Creator 2 is for you. The concept is somewhat similar to making a Mii on the Wii, except this is much more fun. You can attach your new avatars to the contacts that you have on your iPhone or iPod Touch by using the contacts organizer. When that person calls, the avatar you created for them will automatically show up on Caller ID.

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There are more than 200 items to choose from in the library. Each of those can be scaled, moved, rotated, or have color added to make your avatar just perfect.

You can also save your avatars to your Photos app so that they can be shared via e-mail.

If you want to share your avatars on Facebook and other social networks, you can do so by syncing them with iTunes. You can then also use them as a personal avatar on multiple IM applications.

AvatarCreator 3

Spice up your avatars by using cool scenes and colored poses.

A few other great features found on Avatar Creator 2 include:

Sure, there are other apps that allow you to export photos to your iPod and iPhone, but the only one that allows you to reload your avatars so that you can edit them later. That’s a great option to have so that you can make changes without having to restart.

AvatarCreator 4

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The level of artwork is incredible, since all the pieces were hand drawn by skilled illustrator Chad Irvine. Each piece was then put through a meticulous post production process to ensure top quality.

The adjustment controls that sit below the avatar are easy to use, which means your fingers will never get in the way when making small adjustments.

Avatar Creator 2 is free to play.

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NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Avatar Creators.

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