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A social game unlike any other, Avakin Life gives you a unique and exciting experience. It has a lot of what you would imagine from these types of games, like social features and customization, but it makes everything unique. You can build your own world, your own character, and your own experience, all to fit your own desires. Customize your avatar and apartment, meet new people, host gatherings, and party! The developer does continue to update the game to bring in new items and features, maintaining the same level of wonder and opportunities that you had on day one.

You come here to chat. As a social game, it does wonders. You can meet new people and talk all you want, endlessly. It is one massive chat room, where you talk with others using your avatar. Go to bars, go outside, or chat privately with friends. It works easily and with no complications.

Public and private chatting are everything that you expect of this type of game. It is user-friendly and simple, allowing you to get into conversations with ease. There are no surprises and there is nothing making the game feel clunky or troublesome when trying to chat with others.

Like most social games these days, Avakin Life is not a text based chat room. You do have avatars, as mentioned, and you can use them. These avatars look great without being too detailed, requiring fewer resources to run the game. You can choose your skin color, face, features, outfit, hair, accessories, and anything else that is part of you. Make your character look however you want it to look, as unique as you.

Another option for customizing is your apartment. Apartments are available here, with several options for decorating and personalization. This gives you the chance to make your own personal space, something that screams you, and invite others over. Make it modern or make colorful, or make it whatever you want. There is a huge list of items available for apartments here.

Avakin Life has events every so often. During holidays and seasons, or whenever the developers have something new to offer, there is going to be an event. These events are great for partying and new items, adding some excitement. You will want to go if you want to meet as many people as possible and if you want to collect items. Dress up for it and be there.

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These events are only one part of what the developers add regularly. The developers constantly work to keep the game full of new content, like clothes. To ensure that it never bores, there is new content rolling out on a regular basis. Look for what is new and see if there is anything you like.

As for visuals, Avakin Life looks even better than most PC based virtual world games and this is one of the game’s biggest highlights. The game world is full of amazing places to see, the character designs are highly detailed, the animations are fluid, the lighting effects are spot-on and overall there is just a ton of eye candy for you to enjoy.

Avakin Life will not disappoint. Anyone who is a fan of social games will appreciate everything available here. From customization to socialization to new content, this will keep you interested for a long time to come. You are never finished when you are here.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Avakin Life on YouTube.

Avakin Life is free to play.

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