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If you have ever played with Legos or MineCraft, then you are going to love Anyland. Anyland is like Legos in virtual reality, without all the pointy bits that you often find with your feet in the middle of night, and you are able to make just about anything that your mind can think of, if you stick with it. What is even better is that you are able to animate items with the scripts. That is one thing that will keep you coming back, but the ultimate thing is the community. It never ceases to amaze.

How complex will the game actually get? You can create unique objects such as glowing wings that can unfold from your body with just a press of a button that was completely created in Anyland. Not to mention you have your own space for creation. There are people out there that have made really cool devices such as a gun that shoots giant cheese puffs that start out small and get so big that they just destroy you to a gun that shoots small needles that can teleport you to various places if you are hit with one.

Anything that you see, you can put into your inventory and you don’t have to worry about stealing something from someone, you are just getting a copy and not the original and there are over 100 pages of inventory that you can use, so you won’t run out of space quickly. You can place these items in your space and you can even test to see how popular an item is by just looking at the description to see how many times it has been placed.

Another thing that you should know is that the developers of this game actually care and enjoy the community so be sure to ask about things and enjoy the updates and bug fixes because this isn’t one of those shovelware type of games that is consistently asking for money.


Roomscale is great for this and once you have a grasp for the commands, you will be able to teleport and begin creating items all the time, and you will never feel restricted by the mechanics of the game. You even have a chance to rotate yourself using buttons if you need to. All of the environments are made by the players, so when you first start out, you will end up with a block shaped, bland type of environment but you can travel to those experienced player’s areas to see just how good it can get. There are a lot of people that have spent a lot of time to make it great. It is almost as fun to explore as it is to create something.

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The one place that this game shines in happens to be the community in the game. It is awesome. You are always made to feel welcomed and people always will stop by and ask or even compliment your creations and even show you tips and tricks to have parties. Being with the people in this game will really make you feel like you found friends. It is just a great place to be.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Anyland on YouTube.

Anyland is free to play.

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