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The artwork for the characters are very nicely done.

The game is a little short and no character voices.

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Amy is in a panic. Her boyfriend Aaron has lost his memory after a car accident. If you were Amy, what would you do? Would you stick with Aaron and help him get his memory back, or would you move on in search of a new love? Those are the decisions you will need to make in Always Remember Me, a fun game with dating simulation elements.

Part of your game is spent exploring a map of the town, with a number of different actions listed for each location, depending on the day and time. It almost feels like a real town, where you have to use real life strategy to try and fall in love with one of four boys: Aaron, Lawrence, Eddy, and Hugh.

It is very easy to get caught up in the strategy and time management aspect of Always Remember Me. Given that you have to make different choices, though, the game can be different every time. Any of you who are familiar with time management games will get a kick out of this one of you enjoyed games like Wall Street Kid for the NES or social style games like Persona 4. One thing that really makes this particular game so appealing is that there is absolutely no combat involved.


You play the game as Amy, a college student who has a boyfriend name Aaron, much to her father’s disapproval. At the start of the game, the couple is in a bad car accident. Amy makes it out unhurt, but Aaron loses his memory in the crash. Amy is saddened by the fact that Aaron remembers nothing of her or their relationship, which is where your decisions as the character begin. If you try to make him remember, you will have to go up against his ex who is pretending they have a relationship again. You also have the option of pursuing one of the other male characters if you decide to give up on Aaron.

You need to know what you want to do right from the start, since you will need to work on stats and mood that are required to be with the person you choose. You will still have to interact with Aaron, as that is part of the game. That might make you think that it’s just easier to try and help your boyfriend, but events that play out during the game don’t make that as straightforward a choice as you might think.


If you get too far into the game pursuing one person, who you end up not caring about, you will find it too late to change, which could mean you end the game alone. There is a pair of possible endings for each male character, which is a good thing if you want to play the game more than once. A really cool touch is the little “what happened to” section at the end of the game, which is something they usually save for movies and TV.

Within the game, you are given a certain amount of time to complete your romantic quest, with it all ending when Amy has to go back to school. Each day is broken into smaller segments, with each one having a list of actions you can perform to add more money to your bank. Every morning will see you off at work as an ice cream scooper, where you will be expected to maintain a high level of morale in order to land some big tips from customers. Once noon rolls around you can do whatever you want and see whoever you please, although you need to choose wisely, since your stats can go down based on the choices that you make. You really need to use a little bit of strategy here so that you can keep your stats at a manageable level. Once the game is over, you can begin again and will actually be allowed to keep some of the attributes you picked up in the game you just finished.


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The game looks and sounds great, too. It is done in a very colorful Manga style and has a really great soundtrack. Always Remember Me is fun to play and is actually quite a relaxing gaming experience. Once you get through the game for the first time, you will be itching to play again, just to see what happens with the other endings.

Everything in the Always Remember Me game world is a pleasure to experience and definitely makes it stand above the competition in the otome scene. While the price might turn some away if you love to replay your dating games it’s well worth the investment.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Always Remember Me on YouTube.

Always Remember Me has a demo that is free to play. Do you like otome games? You’ll be happy to see more on Flirting Games.

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