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Airport City is a highly addictive Facebook app game developed by 6Waves. It’s a social game, meaning that you’ll be able to benefit from friends playing the game as well. You simulate a city that is built around an airport, with businesses and houses that will hold the people traveling on the airplanes. You’ll be able to purchase land and build on that land, and generate revenue from the businesses in the area.

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The game is very clearly directed to a social networking audience. You are able to ask friends for parts for various buildings, which adds to the social aspect, and you have the option of using Facebook credits to pay for certain things as well.

Gameplay encompasses several levels with different, unique challenges. You begin with a fairly extensive tutorial which will evolve into full-blown levels. You have the option to either use Facebook credits to purchase buildings and land, or you can use in-game money that you will earn from the businesses in your city.

Airport City10

Once you have built enough houses and have people living in them, they will board planes and take trips. This is where you come in. You will get to control the planes coming in and out, filling them with fuel and passengers, and, finally, sending them off. Depending on how quickly you collect coins and put passengers on planes, you may also receive a modifier bonus, which may increase how many coins you get. As such, you’ll be rewarded the more you play, and the faster you play as well.

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The key to success in Airport City is keeping on top of the game and coming back to it frequently. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by how satisfying it can be to rack up those modifier bonuses. Give it a try if you like a good simulation game with a social aspect.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Airport City on YouTube.

Airport City is free to play.

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