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What Is Adventure Quest Worlds

Artix, creators of AdventureQuest, have outdone themselves with their newest, 2D MMORPG fantasy game Adventure Quest Worlds (AQ Worlds). AQ Worlds is an enormous, real time combat game allowing you to interact with literally thousands of other players in a continual large world environment.

One of Adventure Quest Worlds’ most impressive features is playing directly on your browser with absolutely no plugins or installations to get in your way. Adventure Quest Worlds is not only an awesome game, but gives you a much larger  environment with an endless world for you and your friends to interact with. You will not be bored!

The graphics are simple and very similar to the original AdventureQuest images. Although this game is a great deal more in-depth, it is still a casual game, allowing you to enjoy each new quest without feeling stressed out.

About The Game

This game offers four basic classes but also gives you the ability to multi-class, giving you many more options. Let’s look at some of the classes in Adventure Quest World’s:


Warrior Class

This is the battle class and offers very forceful invasion abilities, great selection of armor and enough health to keep you going a long time. This is perfect for the warrior in you! Warrior’s upgrade class is the Warlord.

Rogue Class

These shifty little brawlers offer the ability for heavy damage, but deliver low defense and you can run quite low on health rather quickly. If you like being the humorous character, this character is a lot of fun! Rogue’s upgrade class is the Renegade.

Mage Class

This class is predominately the spell caster, with a large assortment of basic spells at their disposal. Mages can deliver a great deal of damage but must rely on supernatural forces in order to do so. Like the mystical side and casting spells? You’ll love the Mage! Mage’s upgrade class is the Sorcerer.

Healer Class

The healer radiates in a group setting, but can also stand on their own. Healers are very special characters. Hearler’s upgrade class is the Acolyte.


Make your character unique! You have the ability to customize your player with hair color, skin color and eye color. You can also choose from a nice selection of hair styles.

Paying Members

As a paying member, you will be able to upgrade in the various classes as well as with different individual classes. Some of these individuals are:

  • Vampire
  • Beast Warrior
  • Pirate
  • Paladin
  • Nionja
  • Witch
  • And many more!

Improvement In Combat

Combat has been totally renovated from AdventureQuest. Instead of the original game where you had to enter random screens, AQ Worlds’ battles take place in the game world in real time!

Other players, passing by, can join in the battles or observe the battles if they prefer. The actual combats in AQ Worlds are extremely fast paced and all abilities and spells are instantaneous. This allows for a lot more action and better combating skills.


For more screenshots, click here.

You are given a lot of quests that are repeatable in order to keep your interests high.

There Are 5 Servers

You are offered 5 servers, 4 of which are accessible to all players. The Fifth server is for premium paying members only.

Other Player Advantages

As this is a casual game, there is absolutely no pressure placed on the players. There are plenty of great activities to keep you very busy. From events to PvP and awarded badges for your achievements.

If you love the casual experience, the large real-time world and enormous community of other players you will truly love Adventure Quest Worlds This is a fun, fun game and is ever so easy to learn in order to pickup on game play.

Get your friends to join you or make new friends and just have a blast!  You won’t be disappointed.

Watch more videos on their YouTube channel: Adventure Quest Worlds on YouTube.

Adventure Quest Worlds is free to play.

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