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Do you like fantasy games? DreamFields is an awesome way to enjoy a wonderfully created dream world. This is a free to play that can either be played online or on various social networks. This is made… Read More »

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Simulations. Upjers Quiz is a trivial game in which you answer common questions in hopes to find the most frequently cited answer. If you answer a question… Read More »

This monster game is different from others that you may have played. If you love cute furry little beasties then you will absolutely love this game as well. This is a free online game that… Read More »

If you love surprises and hidden tokens, MilMo is the right adventure game for you. Through the game you get to explore and entire island, which is filled with surprises as well as hidden tokens. These tokens… Read More »

Fashionista is a fun and exciting new game that makes you the editor of the glamorous Fashionista magazine! This game is great because it allows you to take your time and be creative. The goal… Read More »

Dofus is set in a fun, cartoon-like fantasy world. It features a vast, epic world that has several different warrior classes, PVP based on guilds, and various different modes of play including being a merchant and… Read More »

Future Torpia is a futuristic strategy game that offers choices and entertainment in a beautiful way. You are going to need to build and survive in a world that seems to be destroyed. By using your… Read More »

Kapi Regnum is a trading simulation game where strategy and knowledge are power. You are going to want to know what to create and sell in order to find success, which is a lot harder… Read More »

Holidays are the perfect times to try out a new fun holiday outfit. Fashion Designer: Holiday Dresses is a super fun game that will keep you busy for hours as you design great holiday outfits…. Read More »

This game is created with the employee of a dress shop in mind.  The employee is Francie. She applied for a job at the Uber-Mart Clothing store and got the job. She was very happy… Read More »

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