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Prison Architect is endless entertainment. Build a prison, go through story mode, and escape from a prison – all in the same game. It is a huge game with a lot to offer, and nearly… Read More »

Capsa is a new and stunning social virtual world. You can go there to chat, hang out, and explore the many amazing destination in this game. It is the social game you have always wanted,… Read More »

Planet Coaster is similar to hugely popular games like Roller Coaster Tycoon and Theme Park. It is a game for anyone who likes management games and wants to create the theme park of a lifetime…. Read More »

Staxel is a beautiful voxel-based farming game that will give you plenty to experience and do. Farm, take care of animals, help villagers, and keep the village growing – and so much more. It is… Read More »

The hugely successful Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker finally has a sequel – Love Life. Kitty Powers’ Love Life continues where the last left off, putting you in a position to take care of couples who desperately… Read More »

Farming games are nothing new. They have been hugely popular for a long time now, with online farming games bringing them to the masses even more. With their rise in popularity comes a whole lot… Read More »

Strategy and empire builder games are hugely popular lately, and with good reason. With so many out there, it is hard to find one that can really stand out. Getting one that hits the right… Read More »

Pokemon and Digimon led the way for so many monster collecting comics, cartoons, and games. Anyone who has played games in the same vein, though, can tell you how hit or miss they are. Some… Read More »

City builders and management games come in all shapes and sizes. One that you might not see often, though, is the Stone Age variety. Stonies sends you far, far back in time to when humans… Read More »

Have you ever wanted to run your own harbor? Maybe you felt like watching the boats set off, or you love the sea and ocean and this is part of your passion. Regardless of why,… Read More »

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