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Roblox combines both social networking and mini games to make one fun experience. The games on the site are not created by other developers, but by the players of Roblox themselves. That’s right, you can… Read More »

Farm, build, create, chat, and much more in the immense and amazing universe of Growtopia. Users built this universe, and you have the opportunity to add to it. By using what you have available to… Read More »

City You Virtual World Community – Facebook’s Newest Rage! What Is City You Virtual World Community? Where else could you possibly find the most popular games than on Facebook!  Well, City You Virtual World Community… Read More »

Second Life Game is as close to real-life simulation as it gets. The main attraction of this game is to create a whole “second life” for yourself. It is very imaginative, large and amazingly fun virtual world…. Read More »

If you are seeking fun, adventure, and the opportunity to build friendships, you need to visit the Virtual Family Kingdom. The object of the game is for you to create an environment where parents and… Read More »

YoWorld, formerly YoVille, is a wonderful 2D Life-like simulation game. Facebook members can play, work and chat together within this awesome animated world. You create your own life within this virtual world where the sky… Read More »

A lot of virtual worlds and gaming sites out there are pretty niche-centric, focusing on just one area of interest while ignoring everything else. So what if you could enjoy a virtual world where lots… Read More »

Club Penguin is a free to play, non-violent game for people of all ages. It is a browser based 2D virtual cartoon world that, unlike social networking, is a single player mini game format. About… Read More »

If you love fashion, then this Fashion Fantasy Game is a must-have!  Forget about those lame paper doll cut-outs! With this fun, interactive game, you’ll be designing and selling fashionable clothing like the pros. The… Read More »

If you enjoy dolls and dress up, you’ll love Doll and The City, a new game where you can live vicariously through your doll, dressing her up, getting a job or earning CityDollars – the… Read More »

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