Katy Perry Games

Here is a list of games that feature the singer, Katy Perry, who’s behind the song “Fireworks”.

Katy Perry Dressup


Fans of Katy Perry will want to play Katy Perry Dressup. This game gives you the chance to play with Katy’s style and enjoy fashion. There is a lot available to you here, of course, so it is going to be easy for you to put together the perfect look for her.

Katy Perry Dress up


Do you enjoy fashion? Are you a fan of Katy Perry? If the answer to either of these questions was yes, then play Katy Perry Dress Up. This game gives you the chance to dress Katy Perry up in your favorite fashions so that she is looking spectacular and you are having fun.

Katy Perry Style Dressup

katy-perry-style-dressupKaty Perry Style Dressup is full of options. You have the chance to play with looks that you are going to adore. From the hair to the shoes, you are going to be able to make a unique outfit that is attractive and that fits you entirely. Play with the clothes continuously for extra fashion fun.

Katy Tennis Dress up


Before Katy can go play tennis, she has to get dressed up. In Katy Tennis Dress Up, you are going to prepare her for her day out playing a game. Make sure that she is ready for a tough game ahead, of course, while looking stylish. The items available make that an easy task.

Katy On the Beach Dress up


Katy on the Beach Dress Up is going to have you getting Katy ready for beach day. Make sure that she is prepared for the sun and surf while staying stylish. From the perfect hair to the fashionable sunglasses to the smallest details of what she is wearing, it all has to look good.

Katy Girl Makeup

katy-girl-makeupA makeover is the way to go in Katy Girl Makeup. Change everything until you are happy with her appearance as a whole. You can alter the hairstyle, the makeup, the clothes, and even the eye color so that everything matches what you like most or what you really want.

Katy and Karl First Kiss

katy-and-karl-first-kissIn Katy and Karl First Kiss, you are going to be making sure that Katy and Karl have a great date. All they want to do is kiss, but people around them are making it difficult. Have the two kiss when no one is noticing and make them stop the moment that someone is about to look.

Katy On the Armchair Dress up

katy-on-the-armchair-dress-upAs you might guess from the name, Katy on the Armchair Dress Up is all about dressing Katy up while she is on the armchair. Work with her position and play with the items that are available. There is a lot for you to do and you will be able to have a lot of fun with the fashion.

Katy and Kate Halloween Playground


Halloween is going to be every year when you play Katy and Karl Halloween Playground. Using the numerous items that are available and your many options, you will be able to make the most out of everything that is Halloween. Release your creativity and have plenty of fun with it.

Katy Perry Dress Up


Katy Perry Dress Up gives you the chance to play with fashion in an exciting, appealing way. Not only are you going to be using Katy Perry as your model, which is exciting enough, but you are also going to be using a large selection of items to put on her.

Katy Perry


We just invited Katy Perry to be with us for a photo shoot, and to join us here on Dress-Up-Who, she has to get prepared before it can happen. Everyone knows how sassy Katy Perry is, she’s even got a high style of fashion of her own, but she has agreed to let someone help her out with her wardrobe this time.

Me for Katy Perry


Have you ever wanted to meet Katy Perry? Well, in Me for Katy Perry, you can pretend as if you have. Not only that, but you can also pretend as if you are friends. Trick others into believing that you hung out and took photos with Katy Perry by using this app.

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