Interesting TV News about Virtual Worlds – Part 3

Disney not only made it big on theme parks, film productions and other franchises but they have also paved their way online and has been attracting millions of audiences all over the world. Fast Company visited Disney Interactive to learn more about their ideas of a fun, safe and family-focused virtual worlds.

Second Life made its headline again as Sky News infiltrated the dark side of the virtual world. The investigator found a disturbing playground at the back of a shopping mall they called Wonderland. There are child-like avatars playing on the swings but was shocked to discover that they also offer sex services.

The reports on virtual paedophilia have caused uproar and sparks debate in real world. And the question remains, is virtual paedophilia really a crime as no real people are exploited in the creation of digital images? Check out this video as CNN and CNET Correspondent Daniel Terdiman talks more about the life inside of Second Life.

Amidst all the news involving the seedy side of Second Life, there’s a non-profit organization called Global Kids that’s bringing out the best in this virtual world. This innovative program was created for students as a part of their science class and to let them learn their lessons like never before.

Millions of people are finding refuge at Second Life that you can’t avoid people asking if this website is safe or does it pose risk to kids. Fox News speaks to Congressman Kirk about the dangers of the said website and the bill he passed to protect the children from predators online.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has affected thousands of soldiers who have been to war. Researchers think they can prevent it by giving the troops the taste of what it’s actually like in battle before their deployment. Scientist at the University of Southern California developed a virtual battleground to expose the soldier on potential trauma that they could experience in war.

Dr. Jennifer Wild, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Oxford University and King’s College shares her knowledge on treatments for PTSD related to trauma experienced by the veterans of war. Virtual reality is said to help soldiers relive their traumatic memory and expose them to triggers to reduce their anxiety.  Find out more on BBC World News.

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