Games Like Woozworld

Here is a list of games that are similar to Woozworld.

Our World

ourworld6Our World is so entertaining, you will stay hooked for hours at a stretch. Start off with creating your own condo exactly how you want without parent intervention of course and then start making money through gardening! To top it all, there are more than 50 minigames for you to play!

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smeet9Smeet is highly engaging in that it has a very long list of activities for you to do! It also has 3D chat for you to chat as you engage in the various activites. This is your chance to have some fun, chat away, and look like a star!

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smallworlds5SmallWorlds is a virtual world consisting of numerous smaller worlds. You not only get to have fun and do some activities but you also get to share all the fun online through YouTube. You can play together, watch videos together, and much more!

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meez6Meez has superb interactive features to keep you immersed. You enter a world that is like our real world with a number of neighborhoods. Once you enter, you can chat, watch videos, play a number of games, and have lots of fun!

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Habbo Hotel

habbo5Habbo Hotel lets you explore a number of hotel rooms and choose whatever you like. Each hotel represents a country. You can laze around in your hotel or you can check out the other hotels and chat with the people around you. You have more than 30 hotels to explore!

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Chit Chat City

chitchatcity6Chit Chat City tickles your creative side because you can literally draw your own avatar. No choosing, no compromising here! Also, as the name suggests, once you create your avatar and look star-like, you can go ahead and start chatting away with all the users!

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Fantage 10

Join this wonderful environment today to enjoy the great graphics, awesome people and fun activities. You will be able to make your character look the way you want, it’s not just a pre-set character. You also get pets that you can raise from the pet sale. Join the monthly gifts or pet parade as well.

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Gaia Online

gaiaonline1Gaia Online is better game than most in that it is very easy to play. You absolutely don’t need any special cllient to play it. This game is actually a community in itself. It has numerous users that you can interact with and have fun. You can also enjoy the many features that this game has to offer!

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Club Cooee


This is a 3D coatroom that offers you may themes and topics. You have the ability to chat with people from all over the globe as you build your own home. You will be able to furnish the home how you see fit and even dress your character up, party, even create your very own music.

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Super Secret

supersecret1Super Secret is a free game. The best part about it is that it is highly educational! You get to learn as you play the numerous games available. AS you grow older in this game, you get rewarded. For example, on your 11th birthday you get a pet! Play games and chat away in this beautiful educational world!

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    • SkylarHolland

      What are your guys usernames? mEssage me up: SkylarHolland

      • nelly

        my username is meanjean on wzw please add me thanks bye 🙂

  • Alondra

    ww freezes alot for me

  • nelly

    whoa why?!?!

  • DjIsYourName Idk

    actually that kimmy hays ‘-‘

  • indiajones

    what do yall play??

  • Richard Martinez

    u could say that again u know any game emliy

  • Wilderness Towns Plays

    I love Woozworld, but it gets boring sometimes when people don’t talk to you unless you’re in some level like 20 or 50.

  • Natalie

    Actually, if you guys were smart. You’d search Google for the image with the right click on the picture. And you’d, obviously, see she Googled “pretty girl with brown hair.” xD

  • bob

    i miss old ww

  • Viktoria Alekto

    Thats Kimmy Hays….

  • jandar

    I got banned from wzw

    • jandar

      so i play animal jam

  • Batman 6889

    i saw that picture on the internet Fake look up pretty girls with brown hair -.-

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  • Pandaluna

    These games (besides ourworld) aren’t really that cool. ಠ_ಠ

  • Pandaluna

    Ok lemme be honest, that pic is pretty but I don’t see have you probably didn’t get that from Google cause that’s the first one you see

  • Heaven Barney

    none of these GAMEZ work

    • gamer_3D

      All of the games are still working except for Gaia Online and Super Secret.

  • Dear Emily

    Thats Kimmy hay. i dont want to be rude but i bet your pretty and you dont need a fake pic to prove that. i cant be rude becuase you shouldnt show a real pic of yourself online anyway. Be yourself.

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