Games Like Strangelings

Here is a list of games that are similar to Strangelings.

School of Dragons

School-of-Dragons 6

You will be able to train your own dragons after paying close attention throughout your journey here. It lets you choose the dragon of your choice at the begining of the game, and you will start out by taking your dragon with you on all the quests that are given to you.



This is a fun and exciting game where you can own your own pet, so if you are someone who for some reason cannot have your own pet in the real world you will enjoy this more than a few others. It offers you many different options to choose from for those wanting a dog or cat.

Brave Little Beasties

Brave Little Beasties11

Although these crreatures appear to be innocent and sweet, they can be hard to handle most of the time. However, they are so sweet at times you may foret about their ability to drive you nuts. Each of them have a special ability of their own and you can use them for your own benfit.



This is the world of fantacies that is filled with a variety of activities to keep you busy. You will be the owner of your own Boonie. This will take a lot of your time because you will have to care for your Boonie and spend a lot of time to keep it company.

Bin Weevils


There is a place called the Bin where you will have to take your Weevil in order for it to help you get mulch, the mulch can be used for buying all the items you are going to need throughout your journey here, mostly to buy things for your Weevil.

Animal Jam


You are going to be going to Jamaa, along with you will be your adopted dragon. The fantasy world is virtually filled-up with thousands of different little animals. Throughout your journey you are going to be constantly training your dragon. You will also be seeing things that go on in this gameplay with the eyes of your dragon.


Wauies 7

Suddenly, you are left to care for a shop full of animal, it is going to be a challenge for you to do this by yourself. Do you think you are up to it? This gameplay will be testing to see how much resonsibilty you will be able to handle.

Star Stable

Star Stable10

A long, long time ago there was a meorite that fell from the sky landing on a rock in the middle of the ocean turning it into a female which by the way was beautiful and a horse. She rode the horse out of the ocean and ws never again to be seen.

Fantastic Pets

Fantastic Pets2

Kids was the focus at the time this game was created and the animals were designed to use Kinect in their training. You have been left to care for your uncles animals , however, to start with you will only be caring for one animal while your uncle flies around the world in his new jet.


Howrse Wallpaper 5

In case you have never played horse games like this before it has provided how to help you learn to go about playing. The choices you have in the different horses is amazing. It offers you a variety of colors to chose from. All the horses are based on horses from real life.

Moshi Monsters


A gameply that has combined learning to make learning fun and exciting. It includes puzzles that you have to be able to figure out really quick and lots of other activities throughout. Not, really, however, the faster you are able to figure out the puzzles, the faster you will be able to level-up.

Happy Pets


Are you one of those people who live in a plce that does not allow you to have pets? Or maybe you are just not allowed to have a pet because your parents told you no. Either way, in this game you will be able to have your very own pet care for it, and more.



So you have been interested in owning a pet of your own, well, how about being able to own all the pets you want? That is what you will be able to do here. This game is about breeding, which is what you will be doing throughout your journey here.

The Sims 3 Pets

The Sims 3 Pets2

This adventure is going to let you train your pets using the Kinect method. Anyone is welcome to play this wonder fun and exciting story, however, it was designed with kids as the main focus.Your role is that of a young boy that has been left to care for some animals by himself.

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