Games Like Stardoll Access

Here is a list of games that are similar to Stardoll Access.

Movie Star Planet


Jump into the game and begin having fun as soon as you have created your avatar. You are going to be working your way up the ladder to being a famous celebrity. This is a great opportunity for those of you who have always dreamed of being a famous celebrity and for those that never have.

Lady Popular


This is going to be like nothing else you have ever played. The features of this game offers you the capability to change how your face looks to how everything else about you including your body and how it is shaped. Also your personality and attitude. You can give your avatar’s breast the size and shape you would like them to be.

Stardoll Game


In this world that is filled with all the make believe you will ever need and all the fantasies you would have never thought possible you will be taking on the role of Medoll. It is an adventure you do not want to miss out on. Simply choose the avatar of your preference and begin in the fun and excitement.

Virtual PopStar

Virtual PopStar10

As a PopStar you will be provided as many as 25 hundred different fashions to wear throughout your journey into the world of pop stars. It will allow you to use your imagination in all the ways you never thought would be possible, Remember, it is only a virtual world, but it will let you let your fantasies wander a little.

Style Me Girl


Have you ever thought about becoming a professional model? Well, whether you have or not this is one game you will enjoy tremendously. It is a virtual world that will let you carry out those fantasies you been wanting too. It provides you with all the clothes and accessories, along with make-up and hairstyles you ever need.

Mall World

Mall World

This gameplay consist of you becoming the owner of shop that sells only the best in fashion wear. This is going to make a good impression to all your friend on Facebook. You will even be able to give your friends make0overs. One of the features offered is the chance to be in the catwalk.

Dream Mining


This awesome game of Dream Mining lets you carry out your ideas and fantasies like no other will let you do. It lets you play dress-up, and if you would like , you can even share it with your friends on Facebook. So, if you want to make a video of yourself you have certainly came to the right place.



This game encourages you to use your own content, in fact, the more the better. It is an interactive and socially active adventure that lets you chat with others throughout the process of your journey or you can choose to hang out with your friends, both your new ones and the ones you already know.

Our World

Our World

Welcome to ‘Our World’, a game that is known as the attention grabber in the game world. Here, you will receive an e-mail box of your own, which you can use to receive or send messages to the other players when you would like to invite them for meets and etc., and you can receive messages from them as well.



There are many different features offered in this fantasy game to keep you busy for hours of enjoyable game play. You will be collecting credits as you continue to progress throughout your journey and use those credits for buying items needed. Though there are many items for you to buy, you will not be expected to buy anything using real cash.

Second Life Game


Do you sometimes feel that you just need to get away from it all? Well here is your chance to do just that! In this simulation game play, you will be able to create a place for yourself where you can go when you feel the urge to get off to yourself., it is going to be your ‘Second Life’, which is the name of this game by the way.

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