Games Like Spark City World Mobile

Here is a list of games that are similar to Spark City World Mobile.

Line Play

Line Play8

Introducing Line Play, where you will have a great time after choosing if you want to be a male, female or animal. You get to decide on outfits, so you can personalize your avatar to show who you are. You’ll find the number of items available is insane and will take a long time to go through.

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Habbo for iPad


If you’re looking for a way to play in a worldwide virtual world on a mobile device, then Habbo for iPad is what you need. You’re going to be allowed to express who you are here, and the environment is constantly monitored to remain safe and fun for everyone.

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Our World Chat


In Our World Chat, you are going to be able to view when friends are online, travel to various islands around ourWorld. Of course, you can also chat with friends when they are online and visit them too! You’ll use Gems to buy things too.

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Gaia on the Go


Gaia on the Go has been given an upgrade and you are going to be able to perform various actions such as reading, posting, and buying from the store. You will also be get announcements, make new outfits, and so much more that you won’t get bored anytime soon.

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Kingdom Island Mobile

Kingdom Island12

In Kingdom Island Mobile, once you sign up the fun begins. You are going to get a dragon avatar that is your own, and you can customize the dragon too. You’re going to find that designing your dragon is also just the start, there’s a whole town to design and customize!

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Chit Chat City

Chit Chat City Wallpaper 3

Begin drawing to make your avatar unique and show off your own personal style. You will also be able to create things the way you want, from where windows and doors are and so much more. You will find the neighborhood your house is in, is much larger than just the area around you.

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Woozworld for iPad

Woozworld 11

In this one, you will choose your Woozen, which is your personal avatar, and customize its looks. You will be able to express your style by choosing your wardrobe, and designing your home called a Unitz. Then, chatting up your friend’s day and night is the next best thing to fun.

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Fantage Comet

Fantage Comet2

You will be able to collect all sorts of fun things in Fantage Comet, including some rather extraordinary items. You’ll find that collecting is just part of the fun, as there are various ways that you can express your own style in this virtual reality. Are you ready?

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Club Penguin Mobile

Club Penguin 6

If you have a love for penguins or ever wanted to be in control of one, now is your chance to do just that as you enter Club Penguin Mobile and create your avatar which is, a penguin! You are going to show off in various outfits and make your own style. You will have to shop for new items!

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LOL Connect

LOL Connect7

If you are a MMO fan, you will love League of Legends. This app lets you enter a world where you have friends to talk with while playing and advancing your character’s level and strengths. You will have various things to do, and the zoom and multi-touch features are great too!

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Sign up to Onverse for a fun way to keep things going for hours. You will find the profile customization is only the start, you will be able to do all kind of things form furnishing an apartment to mansions, buying items and taking pictures too.

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If you’re looking for something, but don’t want to download it, SmallWorlds can be played right in your browser. You will get to create your world, filling it with all sorts of items and things to do for you and friends. You will be able to play various games, listen to music, and much more.

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Movie Star Planet


Get ready to enter a flashy world of Movie Star Planet where you will begin as an unknown character and work your way up the ranks until you are a celebrity movie star! You can live out your fantasy of being popular and rich right here, and it’s less expensive too!

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Club Cooee

Club Cooee

Get ready to dress your avatar anyway you want in Club Cooee. You will visit 3D clubs to have fun, and then go back to your house and enjoy your customized living space. You can have your own music too with the DJ room, and people can vote your music, even make new friends!

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Are you ready to dress up your characters and hang out with all of your friends? You will find that people worldwide hang out in Smeet just to chat, but they also like watching the video clips and doing other things. The best part is, there aren’t really any rules to follow!

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