Games Like Smallworlds


Here is a list of games that are similar to Smallworlds.


sociotown3Sociotown is a very interesting virtual world for you to check out. It has numerous activities including activities such as catching bugs! As the name suggests, this game revolves around socializing. Socialize, make new friends, and improve your status in the game.

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Our World

ourworld5If you are looking for an entertaining virtual world, this is the one for you! The game gives you an opportunity to create a condo based on your preferences and not based on what your parents want! In other words, you get to live life the way you want! To keep you engaged the virtual world also offers 50+ games to try out.

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woozworld8Woozworld is a world full of options. There are so many appearance and clothing options that you will be taken aback! Once you create your own unique and great-looking avatar you can go ahead and start chatting. If you don’t feel like doing anything, you can simply relax.

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smeet10Smeet is a virtual world full to the brim with activities. There is such a great variety that you can easily get addicted! Along with the activities, you have chat options, videos to watch, and games to play. Enter, explore, and enjoy!

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Chit Chat City

chitchatcity12Chit Chat City of course gives you an opportunity to chat away to your heart’s content but before you do that, you have an avatar to create. Yes, the virtual world literally allows you to create your character from the scratch. Thus, right from the word go it is all about creativity here!

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nord4Nord is an excellent game for those who are highly imaginative. The game puts great emphasis on creativity right from the start. Whether it is your avatar or your home that you are choosing, you need to be creative to set yourself apart from the rest.

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WeeWorld4Weeworld is the place for you to be in order to make friends who are just like you! You can chat away as much as you want and also play the many games that the virtual world offers.

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Club Cooee

clubcooee4Club Cooee is a perfect combination of chat, entertainment, and fun. It is a casual world that lets your flex and relax. You can chat whenever you want and relax peacefully if you want to. The game is quick and interesting in that it offers numerous different topics to choose from and chat about.

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meez6Meez is a superb virtual world that allows free interaction. This world is more or less like the real world with neighborhoods! The game offers games, chat options, videos, various activities, and so on.

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onverse4Onverse boasts of being very safe for kids. It has a number of activities for kids to engage in. It is more flexible than many other games in that it offers many different things to do right from dancing to shopping to being engaged in cars.

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For even more games like Smallworlds, check out Social Worlds category.

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  • Skyla-Newton

    Hey I Think Smallworlds Is Good Try That :] Its Got Awesome Outfits Gold Tokens Spa’s Spaces Like Street Level And Everything!

    • lorisex

      i think wat ur trying to say dont get yes we have all tht stuf at sw but we really need to upgre=ade~~~~~~~

    • Keyarah _ Tofin

      Ikr Its the best game ever! Plus i hope other ppl do to

    • evryl

      hey i play smallworlds i have 22 gold hahahahahahahahaha funny how about yours

      • Luna kawaii ness

        LMAO. I have 3,956 gold and 52,938 tokens :3 in ur face

    • Nicole Cx

      i play sw ^.^ Rookie hayes

  • angel moore

    i got a profile on all of these

    • snata

      girl i do to you ugly girl you lieing

  • tionna

    I got on tht before and I lost my account that’s why im on her

  • tionna


  • tionna

    and imvu

  • justin123

    dude I play onverse and weeworld

  • justin123

    try red light center it has sex and dating

  • Sharlinne


  • SmallworldsGoldGivers

    I think thta sw is awesome OH and hey everyone im from sw i work at the agency so ya we are gonna have our monthly give away gold and i hope u wanna have some eh? anyway if u do plzz mail chole luaski or Dan smallowrlds or ~Danielle smallowrlds thts meh~ kk

    • lindsey

      smallworlds is awsome

    • Nun Yo Buisness

      haha if those on facebook, u a hacker ‘-‘ real woozworld on facebook is smallworlds with a check. sorry, just had to tell.

  • lexi93939

    i like smallworlds its like the only game around here i actually enjoy oh and add me my name is lexi sweetcandypie

    • Me

      I like smallworlds, but I had 2 accounts which I was vip and got hacked. The second time was about 2 months ago and it was way worse than the first because they deleted my avatar instead of just taking clothes and crap. I didn’t even give away my pass. Just warning you be careful. Also do you know any other games because I was addicted to smallworlds but since I can’t go on I need a new game.

      • emmmarose45687

        try meez world or animal jam! both awesome imvu movie star planet yeah
        last but not least stardoll oh one more our world
        hope it makes u feel betta

        • Taylor G.

          Hi guys I play SmallWorlds I got hacked to…sordof…lol! but anyways I play meez too and I think meez is kindof borning I like SmallWorlds wayyyyyy better add me Taylorloves Brodin:):P

  • lalaloopsy

    Smallworlds is the best so yeah try that i played that but i like it and everything but i want to play a game like that u get me ok then bye

  • aalysha

    yeah smallworls is the stuff

  • Keyarah

    ~SMALLWORLDS ROCKS~ LOL But anyways Smallworlds has tokens GOLD Cool clothing , spa, resturnats, Cute or boot, Stores, AND MORE!<3

    • Jewles

      got hacled by this “noob” on smallworlds two days after I bought my vip membership , my name was Vicky marteniez can someone email me how my accounts doing and how to get it back , my email is

    • Danielle

      smallworlds adds stress in peoples lives, so i quit, it was too stressful i wasted my time on that game…

  • Keyarah

    but im looking for a new game just like it!

  • Farah-horan

    i love smallworlds :) but one direction is better 😀 Hehe

  • zahra

    smallworlds is the cool game!!!

  • shahd

    i hate smallworlds!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shahd

    its not fair they always get me in trouble!!!!!!

  • boo

    I love smallworlds

  • Bria

    I love Smalllworlds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Starlie Movie Producer

    You Get addicted to it thats why you like it anyway good game great graphics :))))

  • gabster

    add me on smallworld its gab casadu 4

  • gabster

    add me

  • gabster

    go on smallworld

  • amber

    i love smallworlds but you should all try imvu its so much fun I swear

  • Cayla

    Smallworlds is fun but people try to trick u like asking u can they live with u but if u have cool stuff they boot u so u never come back

  • leslie

    I absolutely love smallworlds, but my mom and dad think it viruses your computer… I don’t believe it does because I have been on it like 75,000 freaking times and nothing happened! but they still took me off of it and put in this security thing that made it where I cant get on…so I need a new addicting game!

  • leslie

    please people!

  • Ryan

    I will say, small worlds is good. but it doesn’t strike some peoples fancy after a while. it does get a “little” boring at times but other then that its a great game to get closer to people and communicate. (I’m not hating on it don’t worry ha ha

  • Tony

    What’s ur name on small worlds mine is tonyswag22

  • Gabriel Zeigler

    smallworlds is honestly better then all of them but you people should try out movie star planet

  • MaddieCharmz

    I got hacked yesturday on Smallworlds so I don’t like it anymore, You get hacked every time you like join and it’s annoying and you have to make an account all the over and over then you get banned. I give Smallworlds 2/10

  • Per;a

    It’s good I have these suggestions, Smallworlds is becoming more childish by the second. 😛

  • loveydovey

    no, every virtual world sucks! but small worlds is the stuff. like fr fr small worlds. all i needa say, its the best game ever most realistic. forget all the other games

  • loveydovey

    SMALL WORLDS. SMALL WORLDS SMALL WORLDS.. can’t imagine any thin better!

  • ssskkk

    i like smallworlds but i dont play any more because i got hacked :( i was 219 cl and level 124

  • ssskkk

    its too shamful

  • Winter

    Small worlds is definatly the best hands down!!!

  • Akira

    I don’t know why people keep saying they got hacked and lost their accounts or whatever, I’ve been on Smallworlds for 5 years and never had any problems with hacking. Just be careful with you trust.

    • Taylor G.

      So what just because you’ve been playing SmallWorlds for 5 years now and you didn’t or never had any promblems before doesn’t mean we we cant have promblems ( I don’t know why people keep saying they got hacked or lost their accounts or whatever,) not trying to be mean or anything… and they keep saying because they got hacked or lost their account! and btw I didn’t get hacked me account locked on me because I tricked this girl into giving me her stuff for a house and they both reported me …

  • Beauty Rivas

    I think Chit Chat City is Awesome!!!

  • Alexandra Micheal

    i think msp is like tht too

  • Jayjay

    i love smallworlds but ive been banned by mum Dx because its a bad game but i dont think it is xDD

  • jessica

    i played smallworlds its fun

  • Elena

    I LUV SMALLWORLDS IM ElanaGilbert Salvitore Check me up on it its awesome

  • duck

    I don’t like these games because my device can’t play it.

  • Percy SWHQ

    Hey i play smallworlds 😀 Percy SWHQ

  • Yousuf Bundakji

    i got banned from underage user on SW for no reason! and a false report so i just use games in my phone lol!

  • Yousuf Bundakji

    is miss SW Tear!

  • Lyd

    on smallworlds I have 301 gold and only 2,000 tks ugh!

  • Lyd

    my username is lyd bee friend me

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