Games Like Roly Poly Land

Here is a list of games that are similar to Poptropica.

Our World


A great place for gamers to socialize, have fun, and chat with others. There is plenty for you to do and stay busy for hours of entertainment and excitement. It has a safe environment for players of all ages. You will love all of the activities it has to offer throughout.



This has been set in a virtual world of fantasy and is one of the newest games online that offers you a world of virtual reality. It lets you interact with other players from all around the world, letting you make even more new friends. It is a great place to enjoy yourself.



You will want to spend a lot of your time on your journey exploring, as this is where you are going to be able to gather the most items, and these items is how you get your credits. You will be needing as many credits as you can possibly collect in order to purchase the things needed during your adventure here.

Second Life Game


This is Second Life, a place where players can build themselves a life away from the one they have in reality. This gives players the opportunity to do things differently if they wish to, or they may just want to get away from the one they have. In this virtual world you can create your own fantasies come true.



Being mostly fictional, it gives you the ability to use the imagination and spread your wings, as well as have lots of fun. It offers plenty of excitement throughout. You can also change your character’s clothes, and do some interior decorating to your new virtual home. There are lots of new players just waiting to meet you, so get started now.

Habbo Hotel


Has meeting others while online playing games became too much of a bother, boring, a drag, with that same old, same old story? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore, for this game offers you a way to meet others during gameplay that is exciting and interesting.

Club Cooee


When beginning this game of adventure, you will start by creating an avatar for yourself, after which, you will not want to miss out on joining the online community. It is a great community and it is where you are going to be building your new home in this world of fantasy.



Friendbase gives players the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world, they can chat, play games with others, have a chance to use their imagination by creating, or just hang out with people from the real world, which can be done in multiple ways, such as your tablet, phone, or computer.

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