Games Like PetVille

Here is a list of games that are similar to PetVille.



For all the animal lovers, Foopets will act like your virtual training and can prep you before you can have a real pet. It will enable you to go through all the experience of owning a pet without all the trouble. You have a wide variety of pets to choose from and a lot of ways to enjoy with them during the game.

School of Dragons

School-of-Dragons 6

Liked the movie How to Train your Dragon? Well, now you have your fill of dragon in School Of Dragons. Besides from having some of the cast from the movie, you can go on a quest, entertain yourself with the knowledge about dragons and develop yourself in the game.

Moshi Monsters

moshi9Create your customizable pet in this cartoony and fun online virtual world. Earn money for your pet, make new friends and explore the world of Moshi Monsters. You can also play games and watch your monster grow in personality, appearance and ability.

Animal Jam


Animal Jam, a game by National Geographic, this game will let you adopt a pet and experience things from a different perspective. There are thousands of cute avatars to choose from and a den to decorate. You can meet new friends and roam around the world of Jamaa. There are more than 1 million users of Jamaa, so you will never be short of friends.

The Beasties: Hello World


In this game, you create your own Beastie, which is an animal that is too small for most people to see. Customize your Beastie and play with them, train them, and teach them new skills! Your Beastie can even learn to talk in your language.  Watch your Beastie grow and learn.

Star Stable


Created for horse lovers, this MMORPG game will lure you with its beautiful graphics and equally engaging gameplay. There are mysteries to solve and daily assignments to complete. Each day, you can continue to improve your reputation as a fine horse owner. You can co-operate with other players and win exciting rewards. A must-play for horse lovers.



This is the game that started it all, the wildly popular virtual world in which you can raise your own unique pets. Create a profile, adopt up to four pets, battle other pets, solve puzzles, play games, and much more. Most importantly of all, this game is perfectly child safe.

Pet City


Cats, dogs, and other pets galore! If pets are what you love, then this is the game for you. Raise pets in a city that’s full of them. You have your choice among different breeds of dogs, cats, and even exotic animals like pandas! Use coins to buy things for your pets and decorating your room.

Happy Pets


Raise your own pets in this cute, lively and colorful game. Create the ideal environment for your beloved pets by earning coins for things to decorate your room and to give to your pets. You can choose from a variety of animals and you can even invite your friends to play.

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