Games Like MarketLand

Here is a list of games that are similar to MarketLand.

Funny Pizza

Funny Pizza1

If you have always wanted to be a chef or a manager, then get ready for Funny Pizza as you will be taking the role of both positions! You are going to create pizzas and other items for customers that come for your unique taste. You will have to hire people, buy your ingredients and more.

Shop It Up!


Get ready for the grand opening for this all new mall. You are going to find that customers have already began shopping, but the mall is not fully ready as it should be. You will have to use your skills to finish decorating the shops and increase profits by putting out amazing display units and more.

Mall World


Get ready to impress all of your friends with this Facebook game focused on your very own boutique. You will be running this stylish business while selling new styles and even dressing your avatar up and your friends can come to you for makeovers too. Get ready to show them what you’ve got!

Mall Builder


If you are the type that loves business so much that you enjoy playing games that are fully based around it, then Mall Builder is the one for you. You are going to be building a mall as the title says, and working to increase market and profit growth all while having fun doing so and avoiding lost customers.

Mall Mania

Mall Mania

Are you ready to build a mall that will attract customers? If so, get ready because you are going to be in control of an entire mall and you must work hard to increase profits and make upgrades so that things a re new and refreshing for your customers. By modifying the environment, you can make it a fun experience for you and the customers.

Happy Mall Story

Happy Mall Story

This is a simulation that brings you the joys of shopping in Happy Mall Story. You will find that making friends is fun, along with shopping of course. You are also going be building and even designing a shopping mall of your very own. Do you think you have what it takes to make it work?

Mega Mall Story

Mega Mall Story

If you have what it takes to reach 5-star status, then you don’t want to miss out on Maga Mall Story! You will start out unknown, but by making customers happy, you will eventually be able to reach a popular status. You will provide all sorts of products, and your mall even has a helipad!

Shop Empire

Shop Empire

Shop Empire takes you into a virtual world that is filled with addictive activities as you manage a hypermarket. You will be building your own shopping malls around the world in popular locations like New York, Paris, even London. All these are great spots for a retail tycoon!

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