Games Like Fashion Star Boutique

Here is a list of games that are similar to Fashion Star Boutique.

Style Me Girl

Style Me Girl

Dress up your model and get her ready for the runway! There are plenty of styles in this free iOS game that is sure to please any fashion fan. You will be able to choose from numerous clothes available, create an entirely unique outfit that you love, and bring your model to photo shoots.

Dream Mining

dreammining3With three different ways to play, Dream Mining is the perfect option for your entertainment needs. You will be able to choose from the three characters and then go on their individual quests, seeing what it is like in their respective lives and figure out which one you like the most.

Fashion Model Dress Up Party

Fashion Model 6Your love for fashion needs to be fed somehow, and Fashion Model Dress Up Party can do that. You will be able to get into the world of fashion in this game and create unique outfits, all according to your tastes and desires. Get serious or play around, all while having a lot of fun.

Movie Star Planet

Movie Star Planet1

Alright, so you’ve long wanted to be in the spotlight, well now you can be. All you need to do is sign up for this fun celebrity environment which will have you creating an avatar, and then working your way to becoming a movie star. It’s a lot more work than you might would think though, so be prepared.

Fashion Style Dress Up

Fashion 6Dress up in the current clothes, accessories, hair, and more with Fashion Style Dress Up. Everything is current and attractive, giving you the chance to stay at the top of the fashion world. Create unique outfits and play around with the amazing selection that is available.

Fashion Top Model Girls


Create plenty of unique outfits after unique outfits with Fashion Top Model Girls. There is a lot for you to customize and change in this game, which allows you to make each creation entirely unique. This is the perfect way to release your creativity and play with current, attractive fashion.

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