Games Like Fashion Apprentice

Here is a list of games that are similar to Fashion Apprentice.

Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion

Master’s of Mystery2Mater of Mystery: Crime of Fashion has you seeking hidden objects. There are many levels and mind games. You interact with interesting characters so you can solve the crime. You are Carrie Chase, detective. You are seeking to solve the murder of a high profile New York fashion designer. Get ready to investigate.

Fashion Finder: Secrets of Fashion NYC Edition

Fashion Finder12

Fashion Finder Secrets of Fashion NYC Edition takes Abigail Andrews out into the world to take pictures and gather information about fashion trends for a fashion magazine. Abigail has many choices to make and has to get her project together so it will be in the Fashion Week issue. Get writing and snapping!

Fashion Advisor

Fashion Advisor4

Fashion Advisor gives you the chance to play a Lilly, an advertising agent. Your job involves rock concerts, fashion shows, and other for industry professions. You get to shop for what you want. You have to find hidden objects in order to bring what you need. Be prepared to have fun.

Fashion Assistant

Fashion Assistant4

Fashion Assistant is Julia’s job. She has to find a thief and recover a master book for an upcoming fashion collection. You get to find hidden objects. You are given a list of items at each location and mark them off as you find them. Get your searching cap on and get searching.

Zen Fashion

Zen Fashion1Zen Fashion is quite puzzling. You face multiple challenges and difficulties. You have 90 levels to play. It is quite fun. The adventure occurs in Asia. You find peace and calming music. If you do what is expected successfully you will find you are having an enjoyable time.

Movie Star Planet


Hello there, you need to go and get signed up so you can get started customizing your avatar. You will be able to find different fashions of clothing, hair supplies, and all the makeup you are going to need in the item shop. To get new clothes after the game begins you are going to have to play the mini-games.

Oh My Dollz

ohmydollz11Do you enjoy fashion and customization? Would you like to customize your avatar and decorate your apartment? Would you like to meet other player? If so, then On My Dollz is right for you. You get to socialize with other player when you complete your tasks. Let’s get creating.

Lady Popular

ladypopular 5Lady Popular take you to a virtual world where you can customize your avatar. With over 16 million combinations you should be able to dress and make up your avatar any way you want to. You get to hang out in libraries and dance clubs where you meet other player.


StarDollStardoll lets you design your own clothe. You get to design your avatar. You get to choose between hundreds of different facial feature. You can make her look like you, how you want to look, or your favorite celebrity. You get to dress her as you wait. Be creative!

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