Games Like Club Cooee

Here is a list of games that are similar to Club Cooee.



At the beginning you will want to check out all the different options you have here. The following is a partial list of those options: You can dress-up, have three sub-options for the way to get and use credits, Use your credits to buy things at the shops, have your own room, have your won email box, and more.



Smeet is packed with numerous features for you to choose from including watching videos, making friends, playing games, and just enjoying yourself completely!


sociotown4Sociotown is an interactive world with numerous activities for you to choose from. You can also make new friends and explore the entire world with them. No matter what activity you choose you can have lots of fun!

Second life

SecondLife7Second Life gives you a chance to live life how you always wanted to. Build your own place, wear the clothes that suit your fancy, and make new friends. You can also enter and watch fashion shows in this virtual world.

Our world

ourworld5Our World Game is for those who want some fun and excitement. Design your own condo and play your favorite games without having to give in to what your parents want! This world is yours!


woozworld12Create your own Woozen in Woozworld and then start exploring! You have plenty of activities to check out and engage in. Plus, you can play worry-free because this virtual world is safe and secure!

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