Games Like Baby Valley

Here is a list of games that are similar to Baby Valley.

The Sims FreePlay

The Sims FreePlay2

If you have never been one to play the Sims, then this is the perfect chance to check it out as you get to play in the virtual world for free. You will have the ability to create and customize as many as 31 different characters. You can even design the homes anyway you would like, from how many stories to having a pool.

Baby Blimp

Baby Blimp-13Play as the stork in Baby Blimp. In this game, it is your job to prepare the babies for their very own homes and parents. Create them how you are supposed to and then make sure that they reach the end of the line in one piece. Catch them, care for them, and get them to their loving parents.

Super Mom


Play the role of Super Mom in this interesting and entertaining game! You are going to have to make your baby happy by cleaning, changing, and readying the little bundle of joy just the way the mother on the right does. Follow carefully and do not get left behind or else you might miss something.

Cyber Infants

cyberinfants13Caring for Cyber Infants is entertaining in this game. You will be adopting your very own and giving them everything that they need. This includes burping, food, play time, and more. You need to make sure that you earn points so that you can purchase all of the necessary goods.

Baby Adopter

Baby_Adopter13Adopt a baby, earn points, and care for your baby in Baby Adopter. There is a lot for you to do here, and all so that you can give your baby the perfect life. Make sure that he or she is happy and that everything needed is offered. Earn points to purchase what is needed throughout the game.

Baby Baby Online

Baby_Baby_-_OnlineIn Baby Baby Online, you need to keep an eye on your baby. As she begins to show signs of hunger or sleepiness, which are easy to spot, you should take her to her desired location. Make sure that you are on top of things and bringing her to the right places for her to be happy.


Babysitting 2When the babies begin to fuss, it is your time to care for them. Baby Sitting is a game all about caring for babies. Make sure that you are on top of everything, helping babies as they begin to cry, and getting them in and out when needed. It may be difficult, but it is well worth your patience with the crying.

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