Games Like 3D Avatar Creator

Here is a list of games that are similar to 3D Avatar Creator.

WeeMee Avatar Creator

WeeMee Avatar Creator12

Have you always wanted to be able to create your very own lookalike or perhaps you wanted to create a person? WeeMee Avatar Creator will allow you to make your very own avatar with a lot of customization options. You can change hair style, colors, and even add accessories. You can create your own unique avatar.

Marvel’s Superhero Avatar Creator

Marvel's 1

Have you always wanted to be a super hero? Now you have a chance. You will be able to create and even build your very own superhero. You can pick a male, female, or even hulk like characters. You can customize it by color, type, and so much more, then pick a great super hero name that is worthy of an awesome good guy.

Chibi Me

Chibi Me13

Are you ready to create your very own Chibi? You will have a chance in Chibi Me. You will be able to create a small adorable version of yourself. You can put together great outfits that even the most professional designer would adore and even help by showing off your great looks for the whole world to see.

Face Your Manga


Do you want a really awesome way to get avatars on your iPad or iPhone? Face Your Manga will give you a chance to do so. You will be able to collect colored manga avatars and have fun creating your very own avatars. You can match them to your contacts or simply share them to your social networks. This is one app that you will love to use.



Do you want a chance to take a picture and make it really unique? ImadeFace will allow you to use this cool app that you can create a face that no one will be able to forget. You can create a cartoon version of yourself or how you see yourself using awesome features like colors, and more.



DoppleMe will let you to create a cool likeness of yourself in cartoon form. You can do this for your friends, familt, or anyone that you want. You can use these avatars in forums, blogs, instant messengers, and anywhere that you want on the internet. It is free to use and you don’t have to download anything to use it.



Now you have a chance to create a high defination version of yourself in avatar form from Pickaface. You will be able to create a realistic looking version of yourself without any hassles. You can select accessories like glasses, hair color, style, and even skin tone.

South Park Avatar Creator

South Park

If you are a huge fan of South Park then you will want to create your very own South Park avatar. You will be able to randomize one or start from scratch. You can make one to look like Wendy or even Stan. Be sure to share this with all of your friends or Kenny might get killed.

Twinkl Free Avatar Creator

Twinkl Free Avatar Creator

It is time to create your very own avatar in a cute way. Twinkle Free Avatar Creator will allow you to create a happy avatar using their premade items such as faces, eyes, skin color, and much more. Once you are done you can share your Twinkl avatar on social media sites or simply print them out.

Avatar Creator Social


Get ready to create your very own Mogi. Avatar Creator Social by MogiMe will allow you to show off your mogis in a social gallery after you create them. You can even create your own avatar using the cool options such as hair color, style, skin tone, and so much more that will keep you using it for hours.

Cute Avatar Creator


It is time to get cute with Cute Avatar Creator. These unique cartoonish style avatars will allow you to create a ton of unique avatars that you can share with friends or family. You can make a character that will represent you in the internet world. Change the hair color, style, skin tone, eyes and much more.

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