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So it’s Tuesday. And a lot of the time, we try to bring you the cool news well in advance so that you have a heads up on the release day. Today, however, there’s so… Read More »

If we’ve learned anything in the last few years, it’s that the big names in technology always seem to get the credit, while the smaller names are off quietly changing the world. Literally. So today,… Read More »

Hi there again! E3 is still in full swing, so we have some updates for you on that front. And yes, we’re tired of all of the console talk too, which is why we’re super… Read More »

If you didn’t gather from the title, it’s that time of year again and, for very obvious reasons, we’re extremely excited. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, lovingly referred to as E3, is currently being held at… Read More »

Alright – there is so much stuff going on right now that it’s just crazy exciting (can you feel it?)! There are so many new consoles being talked about, new games coming out seemingly every… Read More »

Well Hello there! There is a whole mess of awesome new games that have either come out in the last week or so, or are fixing too very shortly. You’re going to have your hands… Read More »

Disney not only made it big on theme parks, film productions and other franchises but they have also paved their way online and has been attracting millions of audiences all over the world. Fast Company… Read More »

The global recession has greatly affected the United States and everyone’s looking to keep their jobs except for this couple who quit their day jobs to make a living from Second Life’s housing market. CNN… Read More »

Wonderland is a BBC program that delves into the story of people’s extraordinary corners of their ordinary life. In this episode, it highlights the virtual romance/relationships on Second Life. Kristen and Steve (SL avatar –… Read More »

Hello there! We have a few things to let you in on today, including an explanation of what the heck Google Glass is (and how it’s supposedly going to revolutionize how you play your favorite… Read More »

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