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In all honesty, it doesn’t really matter that it’s not technically fall (nor technically fall-weather in most areas). It’s September, and that means the hoodies are looking more inviting and the idea of sitting back… Read More »

We love summer as much as anyone, but the steady move towards fall has us plenty excited. With tons of new consoles coming out, the holiday season only a few months away, and the start… Read More »

Disney Infinity: Review The long-awaited Disney Infinity launched August 18th, melding some of the most beloved characters of all time with the enthrallment of gaming and the unique benefits of virtual worlds. It is, in… Read More »

Lots of cool stuff to get into this Friday: new information on the Xbox (and not exactly awful this time around) and an awesome rewards program if you are planning on buying (or asking for)… Read More »

We love to end the week on a high note, and we have plenty for you today. Read on! New Amazon Console? Well folks, it was bound to happen eventually. Of all of the internet… Read More »

August has arrived, and for many, that means the final days of lazy, fun-filled summers are here as well. No, nobody really wants to go back to school, but to ensure that the rest of… Read More »

Games are fun, but virtual reality is better, and we have a bunch of news on your favorite games and upcoming devices. So let’s get started! Bringing Virtual Reality to the Next Level: Aireal You… Read More »

Happy Weekend! The Oculus Rift: Latest Developments We recently talked about the upcoming Oculus Rift, the virtual reality head-set featuring an HD screen and amazing head traction, combining to create an immersive 3-D experience. Well,… Read More »

Okay – we’re going to skip the tech talk today (mostly) and focus on what we all love the most: games. New games, to be exact. There’s some cool stuff coming up that will tie… Read More »

Today, we bring you news and ideas from all over the spectrum, including a good reminder that changing passwords regularly is always a good idea, word that Microsoft may not be completely off its rocker,… Read More »

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