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Happy Friday! SIMS City Since its inception, SimCity has been used in schools around the world as a tool for teaching planning, goal setting, and more. Unlike other Sims games, SimCity is pure strategy, and… Read More »

Halloween is here, and we have lots of fun stuff to report! Virtual Halloween Fun Sure, there are gobs of real world parties happening everywhere this week, not to mention good ‘ole fashioned trick or… Read More »

October is quickly coming to a close, and with the holidays right around the corner developers and tech gurus are gearing up for the biggest buying season of the year. To that end, there’s a… Read More »

The weather is cooling down, which means more time to play your favorite games! Google is making it easier than ever to download as many mobile games as you want, and somebody at GameStop may… Read More »

Life isn’t all fun and games (although whoever made up that rule has some explaining to do), but the nitty gritty details tend to direct what kind of fun, and what kind of games, you… Read More »

There’s something for everyone today! The Future of Virtual Worlds and Gaming Gaming started out rather simplistic: if you picked up the cherry in Pac-Man, it disappeared; if you ran into one of the bad… Read More »

Happy Friday! Microsoft News In what seems to have been a long time coming (how they let the Wii Fit corner the gaming-fitness market for so long is a bit beyond us), Microsoft has announced… Read More »

Happy Wednesday! Virtual Reality for Olympians! BAE Systems, the geniuses behind the same battleship and combat flight simulators used by the military, are currently developing a virtual reality system for Olympians planning to contend in… Read More »

We’re focusing on technology today: a potential new way to watch original programming via your console, the softer side of well-known Sims creator EA, and the latest in virtual reality gizmos. Microsoft Television? We’ll always… Read More »

The new iPhone, a Virtual World Convention, fun games and awesome new tech developments are on the menu this week. Let’s start with one heck of a cool new browser! What’s Happening at the Third… Read More »

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