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Do you feel the color of hair don’t match the color of your tops, shorts or shoes? Do you think it’s about time to change the color of your unitz’s walls and floors? Here is… Read More »

Clone furniture Go to “My 3D Room” and click the button with the hammer icon to turn the “edit mode” when you are in your room. Select the furniture that you wish to clone then click… Read More »

Free 250 Coinz Enter ‘rawrshorts‘ to get more coinz. Enter These Codes for More Currency roscoe love meez meezplundder1 lovelovemeez lovelucy01 youmeandmeez Extra Coinz You can collect your daily coinz boost when you go to… Read More »

Moonwalk To do the moonwalk, just simply type in this code in the chat bar: /moonwalk Fireballs Enter the familiar Konami code on your keyboard while in the chat bar (UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT,… Read More »

View room connection Type :performance to see how heavy is current room connection is. A value of 1000 is just right. Chooser for non hc Click on a person’s speech bubble to select them. Furniture… Read More »

 On Location Trick Login to Movie Star Planet on mobile and click game. It will lead you to “On Location”. Swipe on the “Swipe” box to start the game. Once it start, keep swiping on… Read More »

 70 Free Flow You can get up to 70 flow once a day. 1. Type in test-mode 42 and hit enter. (Something like, “It’s full of stars” should come up.) 2. Type in cryptobiologist and hit enter. You’ll get 5 flow… Read More »

Getting Passes and Equus New Breeders (less than 2 Karma): Do not use Black Market items on your first horse, because it will have low GP and skills. Save Equus and Passes and wait until… Read More »

Free coins To receive free Smeet coins, you can use SponsorPay. By using Sponsorpay, our partners pay for your coins so they are completely free of charge! You can see how many coins you have… Read More »

Getting Into VIP On Cart Rides/Obby’s How to do this: Get to the winners part. If there is a giver for a teleport button, get it. Step on the spawn (if you die, just in… Read More »

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