Avril Lavigne Games

Here is a list of games that feature the famous singer, Avril Lavigne:

Avril Dress Up


Avril Dress Up is a fun game where you can pick Avril’s outfits for the day! You can mix and match any hair style, outfit, and shoes. You can even pick out her accessories to style her in any way you want. You finally get to see her in the clothes you want.

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Avril Lavigne Dress Up


Avril Lavigne Dress Up brings Avril Lavigne to your house on your computer screen. You have a bunch of outfits, shoes, hairstyles, and even glasses and purses to pick from. You can make Avril Lavigne look the way you have always wanted her to look. In Avril Lavigne Dressup, you have the power!

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Avril Lavigne Dress Up


In Avril Lavigne Dress Up, you pick different layers of clothes for her for the day. You can even pick out her instruments and heels for the concert of your dreams! You can make Avril look the way you have always wanted her to look in different ties and dresses.

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Make Up Avril lets you put make up on Avril Lavigne as if you were her make up artist. You can use foundation, eye shadow, eyelashes and other pieces of make-up to make Avril look any way you want. This is a fun game where you can become the designer!

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Dress Up Avril Lavigne


Dress Up Avril Lavigne is a fun game where you have the freedom to dress her any way you want. You can put a shirt on her legs or a guitar on her head. You can make her look any way you want! You have ultimate freedom to make your own personal Avril with Dress Up Avril Lavigne.

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Avril Lavigne


Avril Lavigne is a fun dress up game where you make Avril Lavigne look the way you have always wanted her to. You can pick her makeup, clothes, accessories, and then save her to an album to share with your friends and family! This is a fun game that you and your friends will play over and over again!

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Touch Dance™ 2


Touch Dance™ 2 is a dance game for your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch where you touch lights in tune with your own personal music! You can dance your fingers away to any song on your phone and be the life of the party while doing it! This is game everyone highly recommends!

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Go Dance


Go Dance allows you to dance to the music with your own body! The camera on your phone looks at your body and you are ready to dance to your music! You can even compete with your friends by using Facebook! Prepare to have fun while dancing all night long!

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Avril Lavigne Make Up


Avril Lavigne Make Up puts you in control of how you should make Avril Lavigne look. Can you make her look pretty for upcoming shows and performances? You can decide how she is supposed to look, from her jewelry to her makeup. This is a real fun game for all your friends.

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Avril Lavigne Casual Doll

Avril Lavigne Dress Up 2Here is a game where you can dress Avril Lavigne in the way you have always wanted to. You can pick clothes from her awards shows and concerts and create the show outfit of your dreams! This game is sure to be the envy of all your friends and family.

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Avril Lavigne Dress Up

Avril_Lavigne_Dress_upAvril Lavigne Dress Up is a fun game where you accessorize and style Avril Lavigne in the way you have always wanted! You choose her outfit, you put out her hair style, and watch her become the star you have wanted. You can even show her off to your friends!

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Avril Lavigne Dress Up

Avril_Lavigne_Dresses_UpAvril Lavigne Dress Up gives you a closet of clothes and wigs to make Avril Lavigne look the way you want! You have a lot of colors and outfits to pick from. You use your imagination and any mix of clothes and accessories to get her ready for the big day!

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Aril Lavigne Make Up

Avril_Lavigne_Make_UpAvril Lavigne Make Up lets you be Avril Lavigne’s personal stylist! You pick her hair and makeup, the color it should be, and watch her walk around with your fashion creation! You have the power to impress every one of her fans, and your friends, with your sense of style and fashion.

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Avril Style

Avril_StyleAvril Style allows you to dress and style Avril Lavigne in the way you see fit! You can make her the center of everyone’s attention, make her look the way you want, and show her off to all the stars in her circle.

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Chibi Avril Lavigne

Chibi_Avril_LavigneGive this cute chibi Avril a full makeover. Choose her make up, dress and accessories to make her look the way you have always wanted. You have the power to control how she looks for her music video! You will definitely have fun with this game!

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