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BlockStarPlanet is one of the best block building games for those who are quite creative. You will have a chance to build and join multiplayer games or just join in on games that are made… Read More »

Get ready for Choices: Stories You Play, a new story app that is released by Pixelberry the same people who brought you High School Story, Episodes, and Hollywood U. Choices is a whole new level… Read More »

Now it is your chance to really build the city of your dreams in Dream City: Metropolis. Here you will be able to play as mayor and be able to immerse into a unique gaming… Read More »

Journey to the world of Gocco of War, here you will be able to live in a world of war as well as battle against enemies that have created a hyper holographic simulator. You will… Read More »

For those wanting to jump into virtual reality and have all sorts of things to do, High Fidelity has you covered. You will find this free platform provides a range of ways to pass the… Read More »

Prepare for the fun of Hollywood U: Rising Stars as you were just accepted into Hollywood University, which is a school focused on rising stars. So get your bags packed, an adventure of fame, fortune,… Read More »

Kudos 2 is a completely accessible life simulation game where you will have a chance to create your very own alter ego and decide what your life path will take during a 10 year time… Read More »

Normally, a strategical city builder is often complex, small mobile games or large PC titles. New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers is the middle ground that is simple on top, but has a lot of depth… Read More »

It is time for you to enter into a brand new type of world that will have you busy for hours on end. Pixel Worlds is a unique multiplatform, Massive multiplayer online social sandbox game… Read More »

Enter into the world of Planet of Cubes. This is the only survival Massive multiplayer online real time block building game that has thousands of players in an open world that is made of blocks… Read More »

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