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BigScreen is a great virtual desktop app that will let you use your computer in virtual reality on massive virtual screens and it is also a great place that you can hang out with other… Read More »

If you like to be in control, then you will certainly like Episode – Choose Your Story. You will be able to live your own story and it only takes one choice to change the… Read More »

This unique and delicious franchise is one of the most successful and greatest time management series within casual gaming history. This spin off series based on Angela, Emily’s sister, but is Fabulous actually as awesome… Read More »

In Yonder, you are going to be taking on an adventure that takes place on the massive island of Gemea, which is filled with all types of fun things to do, but also some challenges… Read More »

If you would like to hang out with your friend using virtual reality, then Facebook Spaces is the way to go. Virtual reality is one of the biggest technologies that has shown up over the… Read More »

Greedy Gods will take you to a small island and then turn it into a large monument for the gods, or for yourself. You will have powers of the gods to create and destroy the… Read More »

When you have an insatiable love for the dead, and you love simulation gameplay, then you are not alone! Zombie Castaways has become a popular simulation app on mobile devices everywhere, with more than 70… Read More »

If you love animals and playing games, ZooMumba has created a great combination of both worlds. You will be taking care of the animals, and of course the visitors who are coming to your zoo…. Read More »

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the newest AC game to come out, this time for mobile devices. While it is not a full AC game, it does offer some of the same experiences and gameplay… Read More »

NOTE: this game has been discontinued. Find similar games here: Multiplayer. When you want a game that provides you with options, then SkySaga is the one you are after. You are provided with a personal… Read More »

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